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Quran Online Learning
Holy Quran is a beautiful and deep book that contains powerful lessons for the guidance of humans to lead their lives. It is necessary to apply the teachings of the Quran in our daily lives if we want to grow positively in this world and hereafter. All the Muslims know that Allah is the protector of this holy book and it is in the Arabic language which is very difficult...
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Online Quran classes
It is necessary to learn quran because whenever we think of Islam, the first thought that arrives in our mind is of the Holy Quran. If you do not have facilities to learn Quran you can choose online quran classes. Quran has a great significance in our religion because it is the word of Allah that has endured in its original arrangement after countless centuries has gone by. Allah took...
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online Quran Translation teachers
The holy Quran is the last message of Allah Almighty in the form of book descended upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The holy Quran comprises of 30 chapters (paras); the number of total Surah of Quran is 114. Arabic is the diction of Quran. A Muslim is supposed to seek the solutions to his/her problems from the holy book (Quran). As Islam is not limited to Arab world; it...
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Online Quran Tutoring
Importance of Quran Learning Quran is the book of Allah Almighty descended upon Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is the last message of Allah to the whole human race till the Day of Judgment; neither any other Prophet nor any other book will be descended for humans after the last Prophet Muhammad has come with the last book of Allah among humans. Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) will...
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Online Quran Tutor
Importance Of Quran Education! The Qur’an is considered to be essential for Muslims. Some people recite the Qur’an and read this sacred book with Tajweed as well. However, busy schedules often make it difficult for people to attend classes regularly. Therefore, (Online Quran Tutor) or online services have been released. Most of them offer Qur’an courses at a cheap rate. Muslims are facing a common problem today of teaching Quran...
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