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how to learn quran
There are so many ways to learn the Quran but one of the fastest and the most effective ways is to take the help of the internet. Read on if you want to know about how to learn the Quran online fast in just one month. #1 Get Online Courses: One of the easiest ways to learn Quran online is to find good online courses that provide high-quality training sessions...
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When it comes to learning something, knowing its history and other facts about it, helps in increasing your interest. The same applies to learn the Holy Quran. Here are 5 facts about the Holy Quran. #1 The First One to Learn the Quran: Over the course of history, it has been gathered and verified that it is the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who was the first person to...
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learning quran online
Quran, the holy book for all the Muslims, is what guides one to the right path and helps them differentiate good and bad. Every Muslim must read, learn, and understand the Quran to follow all the instructions that it holds. The best time for learning the Quran is early when growing up so that one can adapt to it as they grow. But most people find it hard to decide...
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how to read quran
Many of the Muslims are blessed enough to be able to read the Holy Quran. But, are we reading it properly? Do you have the question “how to read the Quran properly”? Well, read on to find out the answers. #1 Learn the Tajweed: The literal meaning of the Arabic word “Tajweed” is “doing something well” or “expertise”. There are certain rules of how to properly pronounce the letters of...
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how to memorize quran
For all Muslims in the world, it has been greatly emphasized to understand the Quran well. Memorizing is an excellent bonus. If you are on the path of memorizing it, here are a few tips on how to memorize Quran in a faster and easy way. #1 Give It Proper Time: Memorizing anything quickly, including the Ayahs of the Quran, can only be done well if you give it proper...
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