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It is most important to read the Holy Quran with Tafseer, as it is the Quran’s right to be read and understood correctly. As a Muslim, it is essential to make it a part of your life whether you learn Tafseer online or offline. Read on to know what it is and how you can make it easy for you to learn Tafseer.


What Is Tafseer?

One of the most important rules of reading and understanding the Holy Quran is Tafseer. Tafseer means to comprehend and understand the message in the Quran properly. The exact words in the Quran are written in such an intricate manner that it might be difficult for the reader to fathom it in the first attempt.


How Long Does It Take to Learn Tafseer?

Since the Tafseer is to relay the meaning of the complete Quran, it will not be a quick job to read the whole Quran with Tafseer. It requires a good amount of time, focus, and attention. Rushing it may cause errors in interpretation which might result in conveying the incorrect meaning. That, as you all know, is strictly prohibited and frowned upon.


Tips on How to Learn Tafseer Properly:

Reading the Holy Quran with Tafseer requires proper attention and dedication. However difficult, the goal is still achievable. Here are a few tips on how to learn Tafseer properly.


#1 Read It Thoroughly:

To understand anything completely and correctly, you must read it thoroughly. That is so that you do not miss anything and interpret it correctly without interrupting the meaning. To read the Quran with Tafseer, you should get deep into its knowledge.


#2 Take Online Classes:

To learn anything, the most popular method being used in the modern era is online classes. You too can learn Tafseer online and make great progress. That way, you can carry on with the course from the comfort of your home.


#3 Read The Quran With Translation:

If you have a version of the Quran that is in a language you do not understand, you can always get a translation. That will help you better understand the message relayed in the Holy book and will also make it easier for you to read.


#4 Get Help from Experts:

Scholars are well-versed in reading and understanding the Quran. Therefore, it will be a smart idea for you to take help from an expert if you want to learn Tafseer. They will guide you through the whole process.


#5 Know the Language:

When you are trying to read the Holy Quran with Tafseer knowing the language is a bonus. It will be a beneficial factor if you are familiar and well-acquainted with the language you are reading it in.


#6 Keep Practicing:

No skill can be gained without practice. What you should do is a regular practice to learn Tafseer online or offline, so that you don’t slack and lose progress.

Learning Tafseer is a demanding task, but it pays off well. It helps you understand the message of God better and brings you closer to Him.


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