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The Quran, the actual word of Allah, is the blessing for mankind. Every word of the Quran is in the hearts of Muslims who memorize verses and recite them in every Salah. It is our divine duty to have some part of the Quran in our memory. Therefore, we are writing this post to guide our brothers on the way to learn the Quran by heart. You can memorize Quran Online. However, if you put effort, then you can also do it all by yourself.

In this post, we will show you how can you memorize Quran with accuracy. And we will also give you time tested tips on learning the Quran by heart. So, you must keep reading further. It will reward you in both lives.

Ways to memorize Quran (memorize Quran Online)

There are two ways to memorized Quran, which are described below.

  • Memorizing Quran with the help of a tutor
  • Memorizing Quran all by your self

You can also take Quran courses from reliable institutes.

Memorizing Quran with the help of a tutor

This way is the most popular and effective way to learn the Quran by heart. You need to enroll in a Quran school where a Hafiz will guide you along your learning journey. The traditional course of Hifz includes the following.

  1. Daily Sabaq
  2. Sabqi
  3. Manzil

You will have to memorize the given verses by heart and then recite in front of your tutor. If there is no error in your recitation, then you will be given new verses to memorize. If you have errors in the previous Sabaq, then you will have to repeat it. Let’s dive into the detail of your routine.

Daily Sabaq

Your respected tutor will give you some verses to memorize. He will recite the verses to you. And you have to learn the correct pronunciation, which is called Talafuz. When you become able to pronounce the verses correctly, then your next task will be to memorize them. A tutor will always start your daily Sabaq from the 30th chapter of the Quran, which is also the last chapter of the Quran. It has Sura’s that has fewer verses. That’s why it is easy to memorize them. Students can effectively memorize the 30th chapter in less than a month.

When you have memorized the 30th chapter, then you will start the 29th chapter. After that, you will start the 28th chapter.

After memorizing the 27th chapter, you will start from the 1st chapter. This is the tested way to memorize the Quran with the help of a tutor.

Your tutor will also give Islamic education along your Hifz, which includes all the fundamentals.


You will recite the previously memorized part of the Quran in front of your tutor. And it is called Sabqi. And the Sabqi is your daily practice of repeating your memorized part of the Quran. This way, your memory is kept sharp and you do not forget the previous lessons.


Manzil is a vital part of your memorizing sessions. When you have memorized a good part of the Quran, then you are susceptible to forget it. That’s why you have to recite a portion of the Quran daily. You do not need to recite Manzil in front of your tutor. But you have to do the Manzil every day. If you do Manzil daily, then there is no way you can forget the Quran. Every Hafiz has a daily goal to recite Manzil, which is a lifelong practice by all Huffaz.

Memorizing Quran all by yourself

If you are too busy, then you may have no time for tutor sessions. In that case, you can still memorize Quran all by yourself. It is possible and many have done it with a little effort. But you need to discipline yourself. The following are the tips useful for any learner.

Rise up early in the morning

You must wake up before dawn and offer Salah. After that, you must dedicate time to memorizing the Quran. Morning time is the best time for memorizing. You must set a daily goal of verses and keep increasing the goal. If you dedicated 30 minutes one day, then you must dedicate 35 minutes the next day.

Set realistic goals

You must set a daily goal of verses. And it must be realistic. You must abide by your goal and memorize the verses. Do not set a goal that is not possible. It will demotivate you. And you will stop memorizing after a few days thinking it’s not achievable.

Use familiarity technique

You should write the verses on paper to make them familiar. After that, you must recite them loudly. With a few repetitions, you can successfully memorize difficult verses.

Repeat your already memorized verses (memorize Quran Online)

The secret to error less memorization is repetition. You can thoroughly memorize verses with detail by reciting them again and again. You must recite yesterday’s verses and previous verses daily. This way, your mind-muscle will become stronger and you will become able to memorize with accuracy.

Recite your memorized verses in every Salah

You can recite your memorized verses in every Salah. It will give you practice and control over your memory. With repetition in every Salah, you will become more confident and your memorization strategy will improve with time.

Track your goals

You must track your goals. For that, you can use a notebook where you can put a daily number of your verses. After some time, you can get a real picture of your progress.

Memorize in a distraction-free environment

The key to good memorization is a distraction-free environment. So, you must learn the verses in a silent room. If you do not have one, then you can use the Mosque at any time.

Review your memory as many times as possible

You must revise your learned verses as many times as possible. The more you revise, then the more you will learn. There is no other way to grasp the Quran by memory other than reviewing. All Hufaz review a good portion of the Quran daily. So, you must make it a habit.

Wrap up

We have described the two ways of learning the Quran by heart. Now, you can choose either way according to your convenience. Have a good day.

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