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My Quran Tutor Is Offering Online Quran Classes For Kids & Adults To Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

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MY QURAN TUTOR welcomes you for the learning Quran online. Let’s learn the Quran with Tajweed in online Quran classes. Do you know why it is important to go with an online Quran academy? Definitely, it is the place where the best online Quran tutors provide a wide range of topics dealing with Islamic Jurisprudence easily. Indeed, we serve you in your comfort. Henceforth, we promise quality learning. Join us and learn Quran easily. My Quran tutor has been serving a wide range of students living abroad for several years. In short, we provide the expertise of both male and female teachers to the students on choice.

In this way, they find it more comfortable to learn Quran online. Furthermore, students come to seek knowledge of Quran memorization, Noorani Qaida (basics), and the other courses’ foundation. There is no shortcut to learning Quran. Particularly, it is a fact that Arabic is not our mother tongue. Therefore, we teach here with expert Quran-trained tutors. Learning comes very easy once you experience the technological sphere here. Besides we offer several Islamic courses under the most expert teachers. Above all, everyone can connect to online Quran classes via Skype, Zoom and so on easily. Our Quran classes are easier and more structural than you think. Hence, experience the live classes and explore the learning spiritually.


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There is no doubt that My Quran Tutor offers you all to accelerate the learning experience. Obviously, our services are running around on technological connection. Certainly, these digital classes via software applications are worth more than that physical classes. Indeed, here we present you with the best opportunity to learn Quran online with Tajweed. Alternatively, both male and female teachers are supporting our students. Because, it remains your wish to join either teacher. Additionally, these teachers are good at English, Urdu, and Arabic languages. Definitely, the better you feel the best we always try.

Not only have we the male teachers, but we also have the female ones as well. Most of the time, there are some students who feel shy in learning with male teachers. So, that’s why the most experienced faculty of both male and female tutors are available. Do you know that Tajweed is an additional help to students while they are learning Quran? Certainly, it boosts further knowledge. Evidently, working on students’ improvement is the only mission these teachers always take. Clearly, we help you to access the best faculty members in subject classes.

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What Is The Goof Age For Learning Quran Online?

In short, learning at the very beginning age of a child develops cognitive abilities. Again, it is the age of nourishment when children can learn the Quran with meaning and rules easily. Besides, Allah also commands, “learn the Quran yourself and let people learn it.” Certainly, it is the time when a child may learn to distinguish the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, and between positive and negative aspects of life.

What is good about our teachers’ capacity is that they welcome children and adults in learning the basics easily. With their best experience of teaching online for years, they qualify for this kind of quality teaching. You know that a child at the age of 4/5 can acquire wonderful skills. He / She has the ability to grasp and learn everything warmly. Particularly, this age boosts their learning process and adds more value to quality learning. Of course, Islamic rules for a perfect life according to Islam reflect children better opportunities to go on in the environment.  For this reason, children who learn Quran online at a younger age acquire two quality things: learning Islamic values in the Islamic courses, and skills to go digitally. So when do you plan to join My Quran Tutor?

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Very frankly speaking, our teachers lay emphasis on important topics related to learning Quran. Evidently, they have pedagogy skills in teaching the foundation of Tajweed & Tafseer of Quran, Qirat and its types, Arabic language course, and technical ways for memorization. With the selected courses comes the chosen expert of the subject. To draw your kind attention here that we also organize weekend online Quran classes thoroughly. No doubt, there is always room for improvement. Definitely, age should not be a concern here. In addition to it, we always follow our schedule. If students want to resume some of the classes in other recommended schedules, we support it with heart and soul.

In the same way, My Quran Tutor hires professionally trained teachers serving across a number of countries digitally in the world. Additionally, this number goes beyond 90 countries. For this reason, this online Quran academy always adopts new teaching methods to help the students in learning Quran spiritually. Surely, we access you to the best of our professionals native to UAE, Jordon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. Clearly, these teachers have fluent practice in Urdu, English, and Arabic. Indeed, your choice of time is always a welcome sign for us.

My Quran Tutor (MQT) never makes any compromise on quality teaching. In addition to it, we don’t hire any local guides, rather we focus on the professionals certified by the famous institutions. Lastly, your investment in quality teachers always bears good fruits. Decidedly, we welcome all-age students. Besides Learning, as already told in the first initiatives, has no age. Consequently, it is only your perception that matters. Hence, Let’s start the live classes with us.

Affordable Charges

We offer you, inexpensive classes of your choice, considering the academic fee structure (Hidya). Offcially, you’re the master of the schedule you want. Henceforth, it becomes very easy for everyone to acquire quality education with just one click of registration. In addition to it, you will find many other suggestions if you felt some trouble choosing the schedule and time.Truly, we don’t put the market values in the fee structure. Certainly, we aren’t running the market but spreading positive aspects of Islam as well. Contact for guildline, please.

Competent Teachers

Every time we lay stress on quality education. So, it comes with quality teachers. Undoubtedly, we have never made any compromise on hiring professional teammates or tutors. Above all, our teachers have been teaching Quran online to students for years. We always check the record of teachers. To add here that these tutors facilitate students' comfortable atmosphere. For better, they do not let students feel awkward or afraid. Each lesson has several exercises with thorough practice. Do you mind contacting us for this better chance?

3 Days Trial Classes

There is no doubt that it is a live class experience to let you believe in our quality. In the matter of satisfaction, we have been offering trial classes. Definitely, My Quran Tutor welcomes you all the time. It is obviously an orientation class that let you feel the quality environment around you. Surely, once you visit, you will never leave to grab this opportunity. Of course, these words show our commitment to students seriously. Doubtlessly, serving students is our dedication to the work. Sincerely, it is the service of religion to facilitate our brothers and sisters.

Expert Female Teachers

We have noticed that female students find it better to continue classes with female tutors. Surprisingly, we have the availability of female teachers as well. Additionally, they are certified and capable of handling all levels of students. Certainly, a friendly environment like that of the family bears good benefits in the result for students. Both male and female teachers are available 24/7 to take classes. Of course, these female teachers are capable of teaching Tajweed & Tafseer of Quran, remaining the other Islamic courses. Join us and learn about Islam.




We facilitate our students 24/7. Our teachers are always ready to deliver. No trouble for anytime at all.



Each of our students can avail of the facility of individual classes. It is our commitment and quality services.

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In absence of any teacher in an emergency, there is always a substitute teacher to take the class, surely.

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You can pay online via Paypal, local bank, debit, and credit cards. After receiving it, we will send you the receipt back.



With each passing day, there is often weekly or sometimes fortnightly test on schedule. After evaluation, we provide the results.



We offer you the services of native and non-native teachers on demand. Sincerely, we prioritize your comforts only.



Our management will pay attention to your schedule, complaints, and questions. Obviously, you are our assets.



We certify our students after they have passed out the selected online Quran course with flying colors.

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Technically, there are no boundaries in the digital world. Resultantly, we have already served beyond 90 countries and more.

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Glory is to the name of Allah who is the master of this universe. Definitely, we are in the service of mankind to provide the services that Allah commands in the Quran. Therefore, My Quran Tutor is presenting the services of learning the Quran online with Native and Non-native teachers. Indeed, we always hire professional tutors native to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordon & Egypt online. To add more, technology has made our work far easier. It has connected the global world as a global village. Surely, the whole team consists of experts and veterans in Arabic & English. Join us for diverse courses to learn online.

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Above all, everyone is busy working from dawn to dusk. Hardly anyone takes time out of his busy schedule. Therefore, online Quran classes facilitate everyone easily. The Prophet said, “The best among you are those who learn the Quraan and teach it to others.” Volume 6, Book 61, Number 546: Narrates Uthman bin Affan. Sincerely, it is obviously our mission that we may help people learn Quran online with utmost devotion and satisfaction. Almost, there are numerous courses which we offer as quality learning.

In addition to it, Islamic principles help everyone while taking them to spiritual well-being. Frankly speaking, it strengthens faith to a great extent. To everyone’s ease, we have been following digital space for teaching. Such applications as that Skype, and Zoom, are worth using in this mission. Truly, our vision is to spread Islamic education and to create some place for professional degree-holding teachers to earn for good living.


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