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Today, we are going to learn about 7 tips to memorize Quran fast. In Online Quran academies, there are best Quran memorization courses which will surely help you. In these sessions, you will learn how to memorize Quran. Memorize Quran online is a best opportunity for everyone. Quran is the sacred book which we all must learn to recite and memorize. Quran is the most influential book which has many benefits our humans’ life. Quran gives you proper guidance and provide you with best and straight path. One must memorize Quran because it enhances your remembering power. It also strength your belief and provide you with bundle of blessings. Here, we are going to share some memorizing points, which will surely help you in this journey. There are seven tips to memorize Quran fast.

7 tips to memorize Quran Quickly

There are seven tips to memorize Quran.

First one is Niyyat (intention) and Ikhlaas (Sincerity).

In worship, one must have firm intention. Your intentions must be strong enough. You should be determined about your plans and committed towards your goals. Also, you must be sincere about your study. You have to invest your whole time and work hard day and night. Quran memorizing takes time. So, before starting this you must keep in mind that what it will cost and what you will get in the end. Sincerity is the most important tip to Memorize Quran.

Pronounce it correctly and perfectly for better understanding.

This is also good tip for everyone who wants to memorize Quran. As there are many Quran online Academies which provide you with Quran memorizing courses. In these courses, they first teach you how to pronounce it correctly. When you are able to memorize Quran with perfect pronunciation, you can improve your level in Quran. Correct pronunciation is best tip to memorize Quran fast. Also, you must recite it multiple times, as the more practiceyou will do, the more easily you can memorize. Quran is the book which requires time and attention with correct pronunciation. As, we remember Quran in Arabic language, it is important to recite it perfectly.

Slowly enhance your level for Quran memorizing

Quran is the holy book. Quran is in Arabic language and it is hard for people who are not related to this language. At first, one must memorize two or three Ayat, but after some time one must slowly progress. You must upgrade your level and try to remember as many Ayat as you can. At first, it might be hard to remember but with consistency you can improve your level of memorizing. This is the finest tip to memorize Quran. You must give you 12 to 14 hours to Quran. Quran requires time and full attention. This holy book has many benefits; to acquire these benefits one must give quality time to memorize Quran.

One must use same Quran during his journey.

As there are many variations in Quran printing. There are many Quran which are written in 16 lines, 13 lines and 18 lines. As if you are starting your Quran learning with 16 lines Quran, you must continue your journey with same Quran. This is the most important tip to learn Quran. In Quran learning attention and self-imagination is most important. When you continue your journey with same Quran, it will be easy for you to remember and imagine your lessons. Quran learning is very easy when you don’t change your methods of memorizing.

You should understand the way of memorizing Quran.

In online Quran classes, it is easily to memorize Quran. They provide you with best Quran memorization courses. Before memorizing Quran you must keep this in mind that it takes time. You have to fully invest yourself in this journey. You have to sacrifice your time and work hard with every possible way. Quran need full potential. You have to give your full time and you have to remember multiple things such as; lesson Surah and full parts. First, you have to remember your Lesson and after that the full surah which you are memorizing. At last you have to remember you complete past remembered lessons. So, with that manner you can remember easily and comprehensively.

Always test yourself

This is also the most important and influential tip to memorize Quran fast. You must test yourself by reciting Quran multiple times. You can also take help of others and let them listen your Quran. There are many hafiz-ul-Quran, who can help you in remembering Quran. When they listen your Quran they also correct your mistakes. This is the finest tip to memorize Quran, as it improves your learning.

Give your full attention

One must give full attention and time when they begin to memorize Quran. There are many Quran academies which can help you in your learning. Giving full time will improve your learning and stamina. Quran memorizing is a skill which requires time and attention.


These are the most important tips to learn Quran. There are many online Quran academies which can help you in memorizing. You can join “MyQuranTutor” which provide you with best Quran memorizing courses.

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