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If your child starts to understand and learn Quran online from an early age, they will be able to include its teachings into their lives, making it easy for them to follow the right. Try these ways to get your child interested in learning the Quran. #1 Give Them Online Quran Classes: One of the several ways to engage your child in learning the Quran is to get them to...
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Quran, the Holy Book in Islam was sent upon the Muslims by the magnificent God. The book was sent to the people through their Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) to learn the correct and beneficent ways of life as sent by God. The solutions to everyday problems, the cure to a certain anxious feeling, and the key to staying connected and closer to God, all are gathered in the...
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The Holy Quran, the book of blessings and wonders, was sent upon Muslims by God, to learn and take guidance from. It has all the teaching and life tips for any Muslim. That is the reason why it is recommended to parents to teach their children the teachings of the Quran from an early age. Some parents prefer to teach the Quran to their children by themselves, while others prefer...
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The Holy Book of Quran is the carrier of God’s message for the whole of mankind. Since the Quran was revealed on our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who lived all his life in Arab, the Quran was written in the Arabic language. In order to understand the speech of Allah through the Holy Quran, people especially those who are non-Arabs need to learn how to read Arabic. Basically, tajweed is...
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No matter how progressive this world gets,  a true Muslim will hold onto the teachings of the Holy Quran close to his/their heart and keep on learning from the Holy speech of the Almighty God. The Holy book of Quran was revealed on the most loved Prophet Muhammad SAW so he could help his ummah achieve enlightenment and the true knowledge that is not only beneficial for this world, but...
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