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islam for kids
What is Islam for kids?. One of the best gifts and great blessings of Allah is having children after marriage. Children mean the world to their parents. And all parents on earth want to provide everything for their children according to their capacity. But children are also testimonial for parents because they are responsible for every act of their children. Allah has put great responsibility on parents in a matter...
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online quran classes
Online Quran Classes Greatly Beneficial for The Learner of The Quran Introduction Quran is the holy book that not only for Muslims but for all humankind a source of information and guidance. Quran Majeed is a complete book that guides us throughout our life. It (Quran) is sent on our last prophet who is considered a great torch-bearer for all humankind. Reading and reciting Holy Quran brings a lot of...
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learn koran online
The holy Quran is the Book of Allah and the only source of learning for the Muslims. There are many other books that are being used for learning but the holy Quran is different from all of them. This book contains the divine words of Allah, but other books are written and edited by humans. Other books deal with a very limited number of topics, but the Quran covers all...
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Quran Online Learning
Holy Quran is a beautiful and deep book that contains powerful lessons for the guidance of humans to lead their lives. It is necessary to apply the teachings of the Quran in our daily lives if we want to grow positively in this world and hereafter. All the Muslims know that Allah is the protector of this holy book and it is in the Arabic language which is very difficult...
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Online Quran classes
It is necessary to learn quran because whenever we think of Islam, the first thought that arrives in our mind is of the Holy Quran. If you do not have facilities to learn Quran you can choose online quran classes. Quran has a great significance in our religion because it is the word of Allah that has endured in its original arrangement after countless centuries has gone by. Allah took...
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