We Should Focus on Quran Over Other Things

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Love for Quran

Quran is our Holy book revealed on our last Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). It was revealed on the 27th of Ramadan. Quran is the last Holy book of Allah and an epitome of guidance. This Divine book contains the messages of Allah. Though it does not contain only the messages of Allah, it is a complete code that throws light on every aspect of life. Quran is the Holy book of Allah and is displayed in the same compound manner that it can portray the complete code of life. Quran throws light on every aspect of life so that we can deal with our matters according to the teachings of Islam.


Muslims learn Quran in early childhood. This spiritual journey of learning the Quran starts at the age of around 3-4 years in an Islamic center, or one can learn Quran online at home. Learning Quran online is feasible for everyone. Muslims are ordered to obey the principles of Allah and to spread them among people.

It is obligatory for every Muslim to learn Quran by heart. As Quran is in the Arabic language, it requires a master to learn Quran. We need to learn Quran from someone who has proficient knowledge of the Quran with Tajweed. One can easily find qualified teachers who teach Quran with Tajweed online on My Quran Tutor.



  • Our religion, Islam, emphasizes on Quran as it is a source of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance. Likewise, the first revelation of the Quran says, “Read! In the name of Allah.”
  • Our Holy Prophet (S.A.W)put stress on learning and reading Quran. Reading Quran has rewards in this life and hereafter. He says that whoever recites one word of the Quran earns rewards by ten times.
  • Being Muslims, it is our faith that reading Quran helps in releasing stress and asking Allah for Help in difficult situations.
  • According to our Prophet (S.A.W), learning and reading Quran is mandatory for every Muslim, man or woman, black or white, older or younger.
  • It is said by our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) that the best amongst the people are those who have learned Quran and taught it to others.



It is the duty of the elders to make the youngers learn Quran by heart. We have to make learning Quran a localized term for people. So that everyone will give time to learning Quran. There are certain strategies that you can follow to make your child prioritize and respect Quran:

  • Being Muslims, we should prioritize Quran learning over paranormal activities. It is not like neglecting one’s studies or hobbies, and it is more like giving respect to our religion.
  • The elders of a family should value Quran in order to make the youngers aware of the importance of learning and reciting it on a daily basis.
  • Kids, nowadays, find it thrilling to attend seminars, concerts, sports galas, swimming, fun fairs, and traveling. But such cravings can take them away from their Quran; therefore, being Muslim, we should overview such activities for learning Quran.
  • Our attitude towards learning Quran has to be positive and respectful so that our youngsters can take aspirations from the elders.
  • We need to observe Quran’s teachings in every aspect of life so that our younger may find it easy and practicable for them.
  • We have to spend our lives at the 360° of Islam so that we can have our reward on the Day of Judgement.
  • We should be guilty of missing our Quran class as it is our Quran to follow. Should prioritize our Quran over sports or any other worldly activities.
  • As we know that kids do not do what they are told; They copy their elders. Therefore, Our elders need to practice the teachings of Islam in their daily lives so that their younger ones may follow them.




  • Reading Quran at home has its own rewards. It guides us toward the right path and shows light in the dark.
  • In this age of stress and tension, reading Quran is the best way to release your worries.
  • Learning Quran is not enough! You have to recite Quran daily at home. It makes your day more blissful and pushes away all your bad luck.
  • Reciting Quran daily at home brings blessings to Allah. As a Muslim community, we turn to Quran at our tough times and seek Allah’s well.
  • We can turn to Quran in every tough situation because there is guidance in Quran.
  • Muslims are ordered to design their lives on the teaching of the Quran so that they can please their Almighty Allah. It not only pleases Allah but there is success for those who follow the teachings of Islam.
  • Quran helps us resolve our worries as it relaxes one’s minds.



We, as Muslims, need to make our identity of being a Muslim as it is already displayed in our Holy book. For that reason. We have to learn Quran and analyze it in true meaning so that we can be shown a Muslim.

Respecting and valuing Quran is like respecting and valuing oneself. In

a multicultural society, we are identified by our conduct. In that case, we should learn and read Quran so that no one can question our Muslim hood. We need to make ourselves different from others by following the universal and permanent ideas delivered by Quran.

People nowadays find it difficult to send their children to Islamic centers because of their school and tuition timings. Online Quran learning is the best for them.

We need to focus more on Quran to achieve the true aim of our life, which is to please Allah. There is guidance in the Quran for Muslims about how to live their lives according to the teaching of Islam.

We Muslims need to bring up our children under the teachings of Islam. Giving our own identity to our Muslim kids are more important than bringing them up with western culture. We have to focus more on Islamic teachings than teaching them worldly things.



The Quran lights up our lives. Quran is our Holy Book, and we should respect our Holy book over other trivial activities. Learning Quran is not only a process, but it is learning a complete course of life. Therefore, we have to be conscious about learning Quran. We can learn Quran authentically and efficiently with My Quran Tutor. My Quran Tutor offers active and proficient teachers who make the journey of learning the Quran more reliable and convenient. We should normalize prioritizing Quran and valuing it for ourselves. The secret of success, this world, and the hereafter are hidden in practicing the teachings of the Quran.


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