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There are five pillars of Islam. These pillars are the basic roots of Islam. These five pillars are Tauheed, Salat (prayer), Zakat, Saum (fasting), and Hajj. These are the most important pillars of Islam. These five pillars make the complete structure of our religion. Each pillar has its benefit and role in humanity.

They teach you a lot of things by performing them. One, who wants to get the blessings of Allah, must perform all of these things by heart and soul. Each pillar is designed for humanity to benefit them. We all must follow the pillars of Islam to get benefits and blessings from Allah. One who performs all these things with heart and soul will surely get the benefit. Allah has commanded us these pillars so that we can get guidance from Allah.

Tauheed, the fundamental pillar of Islam

This is the first pillar of Islam and the most important one. This is most important because of its core relation with everything. Tauheed means firm belief in Allah. It is called Tauheed or Wahdaniat, expressed in the words La Ilaha ill-Ahhah. The meaning of these words is that we should only Worship Allah. It is the basis of Tauheed.

We also called it Islamic shahada. It provides a believer with an ennobling message of advancement in all concepts of life. A believer also holds a higher and nobles standard regarding those values and measures. A believer gains superiority over an unbeliever and excellence in his attitude to law and other living systems. This also frees man from being enslaved to animate and inanimate objects. This belief gives self-respect to man and brings home to him his true worth and dignity.

Salat (Prayer)

This is the second pillar of Islam. One of the most important of the five pillars of Islam is Prayer. Prayer develops a sense of duty and responsibility in an individual, first towards his creator. An individual cannot perform his duties efficiently unless he is fully conscious of his obligations. Prayer teaches strict punctuality.

A Muslim has to offer his prayers five times daily at appointed times. One will learn to be punctual, or he will lose the benefit of prayer. Regular attendance at prayer will make one realize the importance of time and punctuality. This punctuality in prayer has far-reaching effects on the life of an individual. So it is the very important pillar that gives us a chance to speak with Allah. With the help of prayers, one can connect directly with Allah.


This is the third pillar of Islam. Zakat means purification: Growth: and giving the better part of things. Allah enumerates countless blessings for Muslims in both worlds who pay Zakat. Zakat is the hub of Islamic finance. It upgrades moral, social, and economic spheres. At numerous places in the Quran, Zakat is mentioned with Salat. Zakat is obligatory for humanity.

Allah has made Zakat obligatory on every member of humanity who accumulates a net saving of Rs. 40 in a year. He is to pay Rs. 1 as Zakat on it. Zakat distinguishes between lawful and unlawful wealth. The very word Zakat means purifying one’s wealth. A man who pays Zakat out of his wealth, his remaining wealth is called Lawful wealth.

Saum (fasting)

Saum is an Arabic word it means fasting. This is the fourth pillar of Islam. This pillar of Islam teaches us discipline. Fasting is also one of the main Pillars of Islam. Fasting is a discipline that enables Muslims to realize by experiencing what hunger and thirst are. Muslims keep fast in the month of Ramadan.

It has been since the time of Prophet Adam. Fasting teaches us discipline and also the value of food. One who keeps fast for Allah’s blessing will get benefit from this. Fasting is very important as it also teaches us kindness to the poor.


The original meaning of Hajj is to go out with the will to visit. This is also the main and important pillar of Islam. It is the last or fifth pillar of Islam. Hajj is performed once in the month of Zill-Hajj. The rites of Hajj in Arabic are called Munasik.

On the morning of 8thzil-hajj hajjaj prepare them for Hajj. Women are also equally ordained to perform Hajj in the company of their mahrams. There is a very great reward for performing Hajj. It is also mentioned in Quran to perform Hajj for Allah’s blessings.


So, these are the five pillars of Islam. One, who performs all these things only for Allah, will surely get blessings. These are online academies which will also give you more details about this. You can also join “MyQuranTutor” for more advanced knowledge. We also have many other sessions of Quran learning. Here we aim to teach you everything related to your beliefs. We aim to give you the best Quran and Tajweed classes for better learning.


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