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Learn Quran online


No wonders ever happened to be part of this world unless they were made practical in life skills. Considering the fact in mind, we have been to every new outcome of discovery, whether it is of any learning. To one’s credit, one who has introduced us to a new way of learning the Quran online....
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Quran class online
Tips for learning from Quran class online for kids are very important. It is actually a guideline for parents so that their kids can memorize or learn to read the Quran before entering maturity. Learning the Quran for children is one of the roots of Islam, hence they grow with the light of guidance and...
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learn Quran online in the UK
The Holy Quran contains all the valuable information and characteristics of a man’s life. It is a summary of the Islamic principles and factors that Muslims must follow. Along with spiritual information, recitation and pronunciation of words hold quite a significance. Every Muslim must have an understanding of the Arabic language. This way, the concept...
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learn Tajweed
Allah says in the Quran, “And recite the Quran (aloud) in (slow and melodious) style.” The Holy Quran is a blessed gift to Muslims of all time, all over the world. So, it deserves to be read beautifully with attention. Many people miss the basic rules of reading the Quran, one of these rules being...
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learn Quran with translation
It has been a debate for many years whether it is permitted to read the Holy Quran in any other language than the original. Well, the good is that yes, it is definitely alright to learn Quran with translation. Despite Arabic being the original language in which the Holy Quran was blessed upon us, it...
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Arabic language courses Online
Arabic is one of the six official languages of the UN and is spoken by around 500 million people. It must be quite exciting if you have decided to learn this language. A lot of words in English are inherited from Arabic such as alchemy, algebra, etc. The number system is also the invention of...
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learn Islamic studies
All Muslims must learn Islamic studies and gain more knowledge about their religion. It can help you in a thousand different ways. Keep on reading to more about the benefits and practices to learn Islam online.   Benefits of Learning about Islam: Here are some of the top benefits of learning more about Islam. Here is why it...
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learn Tafseer online
It is most important to read the Holy Quran with Tafseer, as it is the Quran’s right to be read and understood correctly. As a Muslim, it is essential to make it a part of your life whether you learn Tafseer online or offline. Read on to know what it is and how you can...
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how to read quran
Many of the Muslims are blessed enough to be able to read the Holy Quran. But, are we reading it properly? Do you have the question “how to read the Quran properly”? Well, read on to find out the answers. #1 Learn the Tajweed: The literal meaning of the Arabic word “Tajweed” is “doing something...
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No matter how progressive this world gets,  a true Muslim will hold onto the teachings of the Holy Quran close to his/their heart and keep on learning from the Holy speech of the Almighty God. The Holy book of Quran was revealed on the most loved Prophet Muhammad SAW so he could help his ummah...
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