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About Us


My Quran tutor is an online Quran institution that provides the services to learn Quran online and Islamic education to the people who are unable to go outside and cannot manage the time. We are providing Quran and Islamic teachings to the Muslim kids, men, and women in the entire world. Our institution is a well-known and number one platform that provides easy learning of Quran online. We provide the best courses that are well prepared and well-researched by our male and female scholars and hafizul Quran teachers. We are teaching the Quran online for a long time and we have many satisfied students across the world.

Our vision

We all know the importance to learn Quran online in Islam and for the Muslims. Only a few people take solid steps to learn the Quran to lead a life on the commands of Allah. My Quran tutor is a reputable platform and our main vision is to spread the knowledge of Islam in the world. We are spreading the teachings of Islam and the Quran to those who are unable to find reliable people for learning Quran. We are promoting online Qur’anic learning with the help of latest technology. We are spreading the light of the Quran and Islam for many years to the Muslims.

These are the steps that we focus on during online learning of the Quran.

⦁ Basic learning of Quran
⦁ Learning of the Quran with Tajweed
⦁ Learn Quran word by word with meanings
⦁ Learn memorization of the Quran
⦁ Learn Islamic education

Our mission

The primary focus of my Quran tutor is to distribute the best learning of the Quran with the best tutors in the world. We started this platform with the intention to motivate the Muslims of the world to read and understand the Quran deeply. We provide the best classroom experience and best teaching experience to our students so they can gain increased knowledge and information about the Quran and Islam. We provide the best courses in the world that are able to meet the needs of the current hour.

The need for rightful Quran learning is increasing day by day and we understand this need deeply. That is why we took the initiative to provide Quran education to the Muslims at their home. We know that it is not an easy thing to go outside and find the best teachers and institute for learning of the Quran. We started this platform just to facilitate the Muslims and we are here to serve Islam and humans as much as we can. You can join our institution to learn Quran online at any time for getting our perfect services.

Our working standards

My Quran tutor is a leading Quran institution to teach Quran online. We are working by following the standards for the ease of our teachers and students. We are giving the chance to learn Quran online and recite the verses of the Quran with the correct accent and Tajweed. We do not compromise on the quality of our lessons and teaching. To make sure that we offer the best services, we hire the best teachers worldwide.

Our achievements

We are working online for many years and providing the education of the Quran to the people of the entire world. We only offer unique courses and materials to our students. Our talented tutors are very excellent in teaching and they are providing great knowledge of the Quran and Islam to our students. We are here to increase the knowledge and understanding of our Students about the Quran and Islam.

How we offer our services

We use Skype for connecting with our students that can link them with their teachers. With the help of this software, they can easily talk and hear the teachers just like the telephonic conversation. You just need to have a computer and screen that will enable you to see the lessons on your screen.

Our Expert faculty members

My Quran tutor is performing the biggest responsibility to fulfill the requirements of our students by appointing the best instructors in the world. The selection of our instructors is made on merit and we hire them after doing deep research about them and their background. We hire both male and female teachers for our students for their ease. We hire them based on their educational and religious background. Our teachers provide full-day services to our students according to their schedules. The enrollment process of our teachers is based on Quran recitation, Tajweed, Qir’at, and communication skills.

Our teachers deliver the lessons in a very expert and professional way. They are capable of delivering the lectures in English, Urdu, and Arabic languages. Our teachers are well-educated and well-trained to handle the adults and kids in the best manner. We provide them training so they can become able to deliver the lectures as we promise to our students. We give special attention to each of our students because we know every student has different needs and a different way of learning. Our teachers are able to deal with the kids, men, women, and adults as well.

Why do you need to choose us?

Our platform is a registered platform where we focus on providing the quality education of the Quran with a certified team of our scholars and Hafizul Quran teachers. We offer our services for the Muslims of all ages starting from the age of 3. By the grace of Allah, our students are taking advantage of our facilities and they are appreciating the chance to learn Quran online. Our hundreds of gratified students are the sign of our good quality services and dedication to our mission to serve Islam. We provide the best performance from the very first day to make our students depend on our services.

Our Quran classes are equipped with the well-research materials, standard applications, uncomplicated Quran memorization, simple Quran memorization techniques, fundamental classroom plans, casual setting browser software, audio, and video streaming, complete records, paternal assistance, coordination, and many more services are provided by us. My Quran tutor serves you with superlative tutors that can teach you the recitation of the Quran, Quran memorization, and Arabic language.


How can we make the learning of the Quran simple and comfortable for you?

  • We provide one-on-one classroom sessions to our individual students for 30 minutes that are better than the one-hour sessions.
  • Our hand-picked teachers belong to Pakistan, UK, Arab countries, and from the whole world.
  • We provide learning chances to the kids and to their parents as well.
  • We provide reports to the parents about the progress of their kids.
  • We provide facilities to the entire family to learn Quran online by sitting at their home.
  • We manage online Quran classes with great ease and comfort.
  • You can easily learn the Quran without going anywhere outside the house.
  • We provide the rescheduling of the classes according to your comfort and timings.
  • We provide 24/7 services to our students by providing the teacher according to their flexible time.
  • You can learn the Quran at any time in your house in a relaxed and comfortable environment where you and your kids are safe.
  • We provide 3 days of free trial classes to our new students for their satisfaction.
  • We provide only well-trained and experienced teachers to our students because we know how important it is to read and learn Quran online in the correct way.