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Learning and being able to read Quran is an obligation for every Muslim. However, most people fail to get in touch with a skilled and experienced Quran teacher. My Quran tutor is the online Quranic institution that has been providing Islamic education and thorough learning of the Quran for people who can’t find a reliable teacher or are finding it hard to go outside to study the Quran every day. Regardless of your age or gender, we have teachers who can impart Islamic teachings and teach you the right way to recite Quran from scratch. Our institution is one of the most renowned and acknowledged platforms that is making sure people are able to learn to read the Quran in the right way, with ease. All the courses you find on our website are very well-researched and prepared after investing a great deal of time by experts to ensure that our people receive the highest quality of religious education.

Our vision

There’s no denying the fact that learning the Quran, and most importantly learning how to recite it properly, with the right dialect, is important for every Muslim in the world. Unfortunately, not many people get the chance to get connected with reliable and qualified Quran experts, which is why they can never take the right steps to learn the Quran and ultimately lead their life according to the commandments of Allah. Allah has given us all a complete code of life, which includes guidance in every aspect of our lives; ranging from our relationships with fellow beings, worship practices, financial matters, to stories and tales of previous nations and much more. All of this is comprehensively described in the Quran, and for one to get a strong grip on all of these teachings, learning Quran is very important. My Quran tutor is a very reputable platform for learning the Quran as our vision is to spread the knowledge of Islam throughout the world. We have been promoting online Quranic learning using the help of the latest technological approaches. So, if you’re among those who are in search of a reliable Quran teacher at the ease of your home, get in touch with us today.

Steps We Take During Online Teaching Of Quran:
  • Basic learning of Quran; starting from dialect
  • Teaching tajweed
  • Teaching the meanings of each verse
  • Teaching memorization of the Quran
  • Teaching Islamic education derived from the Quran

Our mission

The main objective of My Quran Tutor is to instill the best learning of the Quran in the world with the help of highly qualified teachers. This platform was started with the intention to bring all Muslims of the world towards the Quranic teaching by thoroughly understanding what it says. With the right classroom experience and superb teaching quality, all our students are able to increase their knowledge bank related to religion.

In today’s day and age, it is highly important for every Muslim to learn what the Quran says, and implement those teachings in their daily lives. This is why we are making sure that learning this sacred book is made easy. Going out of your home every day to find a reliable teacher is obviously a difficult task for every person who has their family to look after as well and they are working. We found out through our market research that most men and women who have jobs and kids to look after are completely unable to extract time out of their busy schedules to learn Quran and its teaching. Therefore, they leave it out of their lives. Consequently, Islamic ideologies, teachings, and knowledge are getting buried as people are unable to impart this knowledge to their kids and pass it on to the next generation. After realizing this grave issue, we took the initiative to bring the teachings of Islam to everyone’s home. With the whole world progressing at a very rapid rate in the domain of technology, we thought it’s only right to bring the most important teachings for us, on an online platform, so that we can leverage technology to bring convenience for every individual looking to learn the Quran.


Our working standards

My Quran Tutor is your go-to Quran learning institution, where you can learn to complete Quran online. We have been working by following the standards set to provide ease of learning and teaching to our students and teachers, respectively. By providing proper chances to learn Quran online and recite the verses of the Quran in the manner that is acceptable according to the rules of Islam, with the correct accent and dialect, we make sure that people get the right knowledge. We never compromise on the quality of our lessons and teaching. We also share the details of our teachers who will be connected with you to guarantee you that you’re receiving the best services from highly qualified people. Therefore, you have all the right to verify who will be your supervisor throughout. We will require you to stay engaged with the course and be punctual to ensure you meet your goals.

Our achievements

With our vast experience in providing Quranic and Islamic education, we claim to be one of the best and most reliable Quran learning institutions in the world. We are always including unique courses and materials in our curriculum to keep our students updated. Apart from teaching the recitation of the Quran and its teaching, we have also taught people how to best implement this teaching in the daily routine. Our talented, courteous, experienced, and qualified teachers have been imparting quality education of the religion to students for many years. We make sure that we are always available to anyone who pursues Islamic education and wants to learn the Quran, regardless of where they live, and what age group or gender they belong to. We have male and female scholars at our institution, and you can choose whichever teacher you are most comfortable with.

Our services

To get through the barriers of distance and time, we have incorporated different applications to allow us to teach Quranic and Islamic education to people from all around the world. This includes Skype for connecting with our students. Moreover, we also make use of other software programs like Zoom where people can easily talk and hear their teachers just like you would in telephonic conversations or what you do in online education. The only requirements are a working computer and stable internet connection and you’re all set to begin your lessons on screen. The blend of traditional and modern Quran teaching methods ensure that the lessons are properly instilled in our students. Our teachers are well-experienced in this field of work and they will make it easy for you to recite and learn the sacred book along with Tajweed to ensure you get a good grip on the Arabic dialect.

Why Choose Us?

Most people are skeptical while hiring services from any business, and rightly so. Everyone has the right to ensure the service they are purchasing is of the highest standards and legitimate. Our platform is a registered platform, and our aim is to provide the highest quality of religious education extracted from the Quran, using a team of very learned and experienced scholars who have a deep understanding of religious matters. Apart from religious scholars, we have a team of Huffaz who can assist you in memorizing the Quran as well. For a Muslim, there’s nothing better than being able to memorize the sacred book sent down to use through the greatest man who stepped on this planet, the prophet Muhammad (PBUH). By using easy and effective approaches, our teachers will help you learn the Quran in a very short time. The only pre-requisite you need to bring along is dedication and commitment. With the help and grace of Allah, our students have been utilizing and taking great advantage of our facilities as our services have been greatly appreciated. Our numerous gratified students are evidence of our excellent quality services and our dedication to serve the Islamic teachings to every Muslim. We deliver superb performance from the start to make sure that our students remain engaged with us throughout the process and their interest never declines throughout the process.

The Quran classes we conduct are always well-researched and prepared before the program is started. These classes are equipped with the right materials, standard applications, easy methods to learn Quranic verses, fundamental classroom plans, amazing browser software, brilliant audio, video streaming, complete recordings for people to catch up, paternal assistance, coordination, and availability, along with several other services. Get in touch with the best tutors to ensure that you learn the right way of recitation of the Holy Quran, memorize it, and learn the Arabic language as well.

Our Expert faculty members

My Quran tutor is performing the biggest responsibility to fulfill the requirements of our students by appointing the best instructors in the world. The selection of our instructors is made on merit and we hire them after doing deep research about them and their background. We hire both male and female teachers for our students for their ease. We hire them based on their educational and religious background. Our teachers provide full-day services to our students according to their schedules. The enrollment process of our teachers is based on Quran recitation, Tajweed, Qir’at, and communication skills.

Our teachers deliver the lessons in a very expert and professional way. They are capable of delivering the lectures in English, Urdu, and Arabic languages. Our teachers are well-educated and well-trained to handle the adults and kids in the best manner. We provide them training so they can become able to deliver the lectures as we promise to our students. We give special attention to each of our students because we know every student has different needs and a different way of learning. Our teachers are well-taught to deal with people of different age groups ranging from kids, men, women, and adults as well.

Along with our unique teaching methodologies, we also ensure that our students become absolutely fluent in reciting the Quran at the end of their course. we do this by putting great focus on Tajweed and Qaida. This is because dialect and right pronunciation in Arabic is highly important to make the right meaning. Unfortunately, most people who read Quran completely overlook tajweed and end up reciting wrong, which is a great sin. Once our teachers are certain that you are fluent with tajweed and Qaida, then only they will proceed. Get connected today to fulfill your obligation with convenience.

How can we make the learning of the Quran simple and comfortable for you?

  • We provide one-on-one classroom sessions to our individual students for 30 minutes that are better than the one-hour sessions.
  • Our hand-picked teachers belong to Pakistan, UK, Arab countries, and from the whole world.
  • We provide learning chances to the kids and to their parents as well.
  • We provide reports to the parents about the progress of their kids.
  • We provide facilities to the entire family to learn Quran online by sitting at their home.
  • We manage online Quran classes with great ease and comfort.
  • You can easily learn the Quran without going anywhere outside the house.
  • We provide the rescheduling of the classes according to your comfort and timings.
  • We provide 24/7 services to our students by providing the teacher according to their flexible time.
  • You can learn the Quran at any time in your house in a relaxed and comfortable environment where you and your kids are safe.
  • We provide 3 days of free trial classes to our new students for their satisfaction.
  • We provide only well-trained and experienced teachers to our students because we know how important it is to read and learn Quran online in the correct way.