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Quran reading with tajweed
Quran is the speech of Allah that All the Muslims read or memorize in the Arabic Language. Every Muslim who wants to learn the Quran is the most fortunate people in this world, because he/she is striving for a book that provides real Islamic education knowledge to the world. Learning or memorizing the Quran has its obligatory standards. Without it, you may not get the proper benefit of this holy book. Every...
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Quran Institute
Learning and teaching Quran is one of the prime responsibility considering as a Muslim. Our Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “The best of you are those who have learned the Holy Quran and teach to the others” to explain and brief the superiority and excellence of Quran. Providing quality education of Quran is the fundamental responsibility of the parents for the upbringing of Muslim Children towards Islam. Nowadays learn Quran Online is considered as...
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Benefits Of Learning Quran Online
Holy Quran, the book of Allah is a unique and deep book which involves various lessons to guide human beings and its teachings make sure that the individual who follows it would have a prosperous life for the rest of their life in this world and for the next world. Quran is a bit different from the traditional language because it has been written in completely classical Arabic language that’s...
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Learn Quran Using Skype
Understanding and learning Holy Quran is the fundamental and leading requisite towards religious insight of every Muslim. For our kids when we start worrying about formal learning even before they start talking, it is the duty of all parents to make correct arrangements for their kid’s religious and Islamic learning. Traditionally, parents had to suffer the inconvenience of either sending their youngster to learning centers or mosques. Likewise, it had...
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online quran courses
Your presence in this article shows that you want to know about online Quran courses. If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Learning Quran through an online platforms one of the easiest and beneficial thing for a Muslim to do in his/her life. Ramadan is a month of blessing, where every good deed considered 70 times higher. Recitation of the Holy Quran is one...
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