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Our Teachers

Pakistani / Egyptian / Saudi Arabian

My Quran Tutor’s Male Teacher

My Quran Tutor boasts a team of professional and expert teachers and scholars who are rich in knowledge of Quran tutoring. If you are looking for certified home Quran teachers, we are the right place for you. In order to be registered as one of the Quran tutors at My Quran Tutor, they have to go through different stages of scrutiny, which are not easy to pass. Only then, tutors for Quran are given the liberty to conduct Quran teaching online and at home as well. By the grace of Allah, we have always managed to cater to every need of our pupils as one of the leading Quran tutors in the online world.

My Quran Tutor enjoys a reputable honour in the online world. We feel a great responsibility for polishing our expertise when it comes to offering home Quran tutor services. Initially, the duty of teaching the Holy Quran was instilled upon the angels, as it was their duty to nurture the Prophets of Allah about their religion, Islam. Now, the proficient male online Quran tutors are fulfilling their religious duty by sharing their knowledge with Muslims coming from all backgrounds, castes, and countries. It is a guarantee that we only hire the best and experienced Quran teachers so our pupils can learn from their enriching guidance.

Pakistani / Egyptian / Saudi Arabian

My Quran Tutor’s Female Teachers

Many Muslim women prefer female Quran teachers. To cater to their needs, My Quran Tutor has a team of experienced, proficient, and competent women scholars who can guide along the journey of Quran learning. They have a solid grasp on Islamic education, Tajweed, and other crucial aspects of the Holy Quran. Our female tutors can also teach Quran at home. It is not difficult to get classes of Quran for women anymore, with our online convenient classes and highly professional teachers. Your destination will also not pose any hindrance; you may be situated anywhere in the world, we can connect with ease.

As our scholars are well-versed in a number of languages, such as English, Arabic, and Urdu, you can communicate with your online Quran teacher without worrying about any communication barrier. The professionals who conduct Quran online tutoring use engaging techniques to involve the students during the classes. As kids are more comfortable with female guidance, Quran teaching at home by our females’ tutors can help parents in numerous ways. One advantage of hiring Quran tutors is that your kids will learn and understand the Holy Quran with the assistance of a professional scholar.

The Qualifications of Our male and Female Teachers

At My Quran Tutor, there are certain standards that our Quran tutors have to follow. Moreover, we conduct strict monitoring of our teachers to ensure that they are giving their best in making Quran learning easy for every child and adult.

● The teachers own a degree and specific certifications from renowned universities.
● The coaching team at My Quran Tutor includes Qari, Aalim, and Hafizul Quran.
● The Quran tutors are well-educated when it comes to Islamic education, Tajweed, and tafsir of the Holy Quran.
● The teachers go through vigorous training, so they know the best ways of giving lectures and making learning simple for students of all ages.
● The teaching staff is extremely friendly, open and can speak a number of languages, such as English, Arabic, Urdu.
● At the time of hiring, we conduct background checks of every individual to verify facts, such as education, degrees, and character. Doing that is critical so we can guarantee a hundred per cent safety of our students and institution.

Qualities of our teachers

Quran teachers must have the necessary education and it is the top priority of My Quran tutor. We have the tutors from the entire world and they are teaching online for many years now. We have selected the teachers from Pakistan, UK, Arab countries, and the USA. They have the ability to speak in Urdu, Hindi, Phustu, Arabic, and English. Our teachers love the kids and deal them with love and understanding. They are able to provide their students with the Quran memorization techniques that can make them able to remember the Quran easily and for a long time.

Their communication skills are very high and they can easily tackle the students with great comfort. They can teach the students to learn Quran online, recitation of the Quran, Quran with Tajweed, Quran with translation, and they also teach about the Islam, Duas, Fiqah, right procedure of prayers, and about the history of Islam. Our scholars prepare the syllabus for our students that they learn in the courses they choose for themselves with great care and after doing deep research. Our teachers are very responsible and they make sure that they are providing the right information about Quran and Islam to their students.

Why My Quran Tutor’s Scholars are the Best Option for You?

Every single Quran tutor at My Quran Tutor is experienced, educated, and talented enough to teach the complete knowledge about the Holy Book to students of every age.

● Our Quran Tutors have the expertise to use modern technology such as the Internet. Therefore, they can conduct successful Quran teaching online classes.
● They have a degree in Islamic education and Hifz.
● Scholars conducting Quran tutoring online know how to speak a number of languages including Urdu, Arabic, and English.
● The Quran tutors have the skills to indulge and engage the students during online and physical classes.
● My Quran Tutor’s team of male and female teachers are familiar with computer technology, as they conduct classes through Skype and screen sharing.
● The Quran tutors are flexible in terms of communication and show the utmost dedication to their responsibilities.
● Every tutor for Quran at My Quran Tutor is ready to serve their students by staying in touch with them throughout their learning process.

Learn online from our Instructors

If you want to choose any course and any teacher to learn Quran online, the teachers of My Quran tutor are the number one and 100% reliable choice for you. You can contact us at any moment by joining our community for taking the free trials for 3 days. You can learn Qaida and Quran with our teachers according to your preferred timings. Our classes allow you to choose the day, time, and teacher according to your will. You can also choose the weekend classes for Saturday and Sunday if you stay busy for the whole week. We offer our courses at a very cost-effective price with flexible timings.