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Our Teachers

Pakistani / Egyptian / Saudi Arabian

Our Male teachers

   The online male teachers and scholars at my Quran tutor are well-educated and certified so you can choose to learn Quran online at our institute. To be our Quran tutor, they have to go through the scrutiny process and we hire only the best teachers from the world. Our institution is a great platform that has a special honor and respect in the online world. The duty of teaching the Quran was first performed by the angels and they taught the Quran to the Prophets. Now, we are performing this duty in the best way we can by conveying the words of the Quran and the commands of Allah to the Muslims of the world.

   Our Quran teachers are very knowledgeable, honest, dedicated, punctual, and a role model for their students. They have deep knowledge and understanding of the Quran and Islam and they are spreading the right and correct information to their students. They are teaching Tajweed, Quran memorization, Quran translation and meanings, and the basic knowledge of Islamic education. We hire only the teachers that have experience and can conduct a good communication with our students. Hiring the teachers for our institution is necessary for our community and we understand our duty towards our kids and adults for teaching the Quran.

Pakistani / Egyptian / Saudi Arabian

Our female teachers

   Women can join our institution to learn Quran online from our best and well-qualified female teachers online. Our female teachers are well-trained in Tajweed and Tarteel rules. Women around the world can schedule the timings according to their ease with our English, Urdu, and Arabic speaking teachers. Our teachers are skilled, educated, and very punctual in their duties and they deliver the lectures in a very interesting way. They have the ability to make their students completely involved in the lectures during class time.

   Our female teachers can handle kids with great ease. We provide free trial classes to our female students with the female teachers and then if they would like to join our regular classes, they are free to do so. Our female teachers can fluently speak Urdu, English, and Arabic and you can select the teacher according to your native language. You can choose the time, day, and teacher for you according to your needs. Our female teachers are 24/7 available and provide good and the best services to their students. If you are finding the best Quran teachers online, then our female Quran teachers are the best choice for you.

Qualification of our male and female teachers

⦁ We have set standards for our teachers and we only hire those who fulfill these standards.
⦁ Our teachers are well educated qualified from the well-recognized universities.
⦁ Our coaching Team is consists of Qari, Aalim, and hafizul Quran.
⦁ Teachers are expert in Qir’at, Islamic education, Translation of the Quran, and Tajweed.
⦁ Teachers are trained for how to give lectures and how to deal with the students of all ages.
⦁ They have skills in teaching and they attend the sessions and seminars for improving their skills.
⦁ Our teachers are very open, friendly, and have a good command on Urdu, English, and Arabic.
⦁ We check the backgrounds of our teachers before hiring them and we verify about their education, degrees, and character for the safety of our institution and students online.

Qualities of our teachers

Quran teachers must have the necessary education and it is the top priority of My Quran tutor. We have the tutors from the entire world and they are teaching online for many years now. We have selected the teachers from Pakistan, UK, Arab countries, and the USA. They have the ability to speak in Urdu, Hindi, Phustu, Arabic, and English. Our teachers love the kids and deal them with love and understanding. They are able to provide their students with the Quran memorization techniques that can make them able to remember the Quran easily and for a long time.

Their communication skills are very high and they can easily tackle the students with great comfort. They can teach the students to learn Quran online, recitation of the Quran, Quran with Tajweed, Quran with translation, and they also teach about the Islam, Duas, Fiqah, right procedure of prayers, and about the history of Islam. Our scholars prepare the syllabus for our students that they learn in the courses they choose for themselves with great care and after doing deep research. Our teachers are very responsible and they make sure that they are providing the right information about Quran and Islam to their students.

Why our teachers are the best choice for you?

⦁ Our tutors are talented enough and they can teach all the Quranic and Islamic courses to kids, men, and women.

⦁ They have the expertise to use the internet and they can teach their students on the internet in the best way possible.

⦁ They hold a degree in Islamic education and Hifz.

⦁ They have excellent skills to provide lectures in English, Urdu, and Arabic languages.

⦁ Our teachers provide 24/7 services to our students in the one-on-one sessions for 30 minutes.

⦁ They have the skills to motivate the students for learning the Quran and about Islam.

⦁ They are familiar with the use of the computer, Skype, and screen sharing.

⦁ Our teachers are very flexible and they are dedicated to their jobs.

⦁ They are always ready to serve their students and they are serving Islam in the best way with their extraordinary services.

Learn online from our Instructors

If you want to choose any course and any teacher to learn Quran online, the teachers of My Quran tutor are the number one and 100% reliable choice for you. You can contact us at any moment by joining our community for taking the free trials for 3 days. You can learn Qaida and Quran with our teachers according to your preferred timings. Our classes allow you to choose the day, time, and teacher according to your will. You can also choose the weekend classes for Saturday and Sunday if you stay busy for the whole week. We offer our courses at a very cost-effective price with flexible timings.