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Quran learning is divine and the most significant part of every Muslim’s life. It is one of the essential aspects of Islam and mandatory to learn for all Muslims. The Holy Quran is the book of guidance and the ultimate way towards well-being. This Holy book involves a course of action for every situation that a human is likely to experience. Thus, its importance and value have been determined by the Messengers and the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

When a child is born in a Muslim family, parents seem concerned about getting a Quran teacher. A Quran tutor helps to ensure that children understand the Arabic language. Once children reach the age where they can communicate, their Quran learning begins. Nowadays, it has become very convenient to find a Quran teacher because of the easy access. Children can learn the Quran with Tajweed online and understand its message.

Reasons For Getting A Quran Tutor For Your Child:

Many parents want to teach the Quran to their children by themselves. However, it is necessary to hire a professional Quran tutor to avoid mistakes in Tajweed.

The following points determine the importance of Quran tutors.

They have extensive training and a better understanding of the Quran.

The professional Quran tutors go through important training to certify as Quran teachers. They devote themselves to the efficient learning of the Holy book and abide by its method of living. All these traits make them the key person for teaching the Quran. That’s why it is necessary to provide your child with a Quran teacher to ensure adequate learning.

The points below define the importance of training Quran teachers.

  • It makes them credible and trustworthy for Quran teaching.
  • It develops a proper understanding of the Quran’s message.
  • It helps them to teach the Quran to others in convenient ways.


They are the special tutors that impart Quranic knowledge with wisdom.

Teaching the Quran is a very Holy and admired practice among Muslims. In the early times, after the prayers, scholars used to sit in the mosques to teach the Quran to other Muslims. This trend has been going on since the beginning of Islam. However, this method is now changed into a more accessible way. In contemporary times, Quran teachers are available online and teach the same as in person. Due to their immense knowledge and experience, they are considered special tutors.

They can teach many other essential practices of Islam apart from Quranic learning.

An important benefit of Quran teachers is that they are aware of the essential practices of Islam. They adhere to ways of living derived from Islam. It is essential to find a Quran tutor for your children. To shape their daily practices according to Islamic methods.

The practices that a Quran tutor teaches apart from Quranic learning are.

  • Teach how to perform prayers.
  • Knowledge of the foundations of Islam.
  • Help children to memorise duas.


They are masters in understanding the Arabic language.

Usually, Muslims are unaware of the literal meaning of the Arabic language. Due to this drawback, they are unable to understand the Quran. For this reason, hire Quran tutors to ensure appropriate Quran learning without inaccuracy. Since the Holy Quran is a sacred book, any errors in its recitation will affect its understanding.

To sum up, if you can’t decide where to find a Quran teacher, My Quran Tutor is here to help. They offer qualified Islamic scholars that teach Quran to both kids and adults. Their teaching ways are easy to perceive and understand. For this reason, parents prefer tutors from My Quran Tutor. For enhancing the Islamic knowledge of their children.

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