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Study Quran Online with Tajweed

My Quran Tutor is one of the leading online institutions offering online Quran classes in the UK for adults and children. We are one of the pioneers of providing services, such as Quran teaching online with Tajweed by taking the help of modern technology and making use of it to spread the knowledge of Islam globally. All the scholars and teachers at My Quran Tutor aim to make learning Quran online a seamless and efficient experience. Our services are open to students of all ages who want to take Quran lessons online, as they are more convenient than physical classes in the present world. With the help of the internet and apps like Skype, you can learn the Quran at the comfort of your home by joining your hands with My Quran Tutor.

Why Should You Choose My Quran Tutor?

At any time and anywhere globally, children, men, and women can also learn Quran online with My Quran Tutor. The teachers here are well-educated and qualified to deliver useful lectures to many students. You can learn the accurate tajweed by opting to learn Quran online in the UK from My Quran Tutor. The scholars use traditional techniques with a modern approach to remain engaged and interested during the classes. Other than that, pupils can also understand the Holy Book in a much better way by translating Arabic into Urdu or English as per your preference. In order to recite the holy book fluently, it is crucial to have a strong grip on Tajweed. The Arabic language is one of the most complicated languages, and therefore learning the proper dialect is highly important.

For Muslims living abroad, learning the Quran online in the UK and other foreign countries from home is a smart way to understand the Holy Book. People do not have to attend madrassas, and other religious institutions attract students toward online learning. My Quran Tutor emphasises quick learning with the use of modern technology and a contemporary teaching approach. By providing the students with 24/7 flexibility, teachers can help them with any queries and confusion. Other than that, if you want to learn Tajweed, there is no better way than learning it via online Quran classes for adults in the UK from My Quran Tutor. Our goal is to make people able to read the Quran fluently, a very convenient thing. Learning to read the Quran is an obligation for all Muslims, and we are here to make this act relatively easy and achievable for anyone living in any part of the world.

What do We Offer?

  • Modern facilities and courses.
  • Cost-friendly and economical fee plans.
  • A diverse range of amenities and courses.
  • No fees for well-deserving students.
  • Highly qualified Quran tutor at home in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.
  • Offering 24/7 Quran learning globally
  • Offering online Quran classes online in the USA and other international countries.
  • Simple and easy way to learn Quran for kids in the UK.
  • 3-day free Quran learning trial.
  • Time-saving learning techniques.
  • Offering Quran courses in native languages.
  • Free of cost support and counseling perks.
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How To Book An Online Quran Teaching Course At My Quran Tutor

If you want to join hands with My Quran Tutor in your journey of understanding the Holy Quran, you have to follow a few simple and easy steps:

  • The first step is filling the form that is showcased on our website. Register yourself by giving out some basic personal information for the free trial prescription.
  • Select the course you want to join after you book the three days free trial sessions.
  • Once your trial session is completed, create an account and sign up to learn the Quran online in the UK.
  • During your trial session, you will learn the basics of Islam, such as prayers, duas, and the many rules of Tajweed, which is a requirement for ideal Quran learning.
  • After you have an account, you can select your preferred timing, teacher, and course specification.

As an educational institute, our goal is to provide the many Muslims in the world with the proper knowledge of the Holy Quran. Consequently, the students at My Quran Tutor have a deeper insight into the beauty of Islam. We like to fulfil our responsibility on this platform by working with professional and efficient scholars and Quran tutors.

All You Need to Know About Our Courses

Learn Qaida course

Qaida Courses And Basic Tajweed

With the help of our proficient Quran tutors, you can easily learn the basics of the Noorani Qaida along with tajweed. This will help you in understanding other Para’s of the Holy Quran without much struggle.

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Learn Quran with tajweed

Reading the Quran with Accurate Tajweed

Without understanding the rules that concern tajweed, one can not properly read and understand the Holy Quran. By taking this course, you will learn the basics of Arabic dialect and pronunciation.

Learn More


Quran Memorization Course

The best way to go to Jannah is by memorizing the beautiful words of the Holy Quran. My Quran Tutor can help you achieve such goals by getting you in touch with an expert and professional Quran tutors.

Learn More

Learn advance tajweed

Advance Tajweed Course

At My Quran tutor, Tajweed is one of the major aspects of learning how to read and study the Quran online. Apart from understanding the words and verses of the Almighty Allah, it is also important to know the basics of Tajweed. Learn the right dialect with My Quran Tutor.

Learn More


Quran Translation Course

The Holy Quran is a complete guide for all Muslims in the world. It tells us the right way of living and preparing ourselves for the afterlife that is the most eternal. My Quran Tutor can guide you by helping you understand the Holy Quran in a better way.

Learn More


Islamic Study Course

For any practicing Muslim, it is imperative to have an understanding of the history and culture of Islam. Without that, one can not fully understand the verses of the Holy Quran. Therefore, Islamic Study Course from My Quran Tutor can help you in achieving that.

Learn More

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Learn to Study the Holy Quran In these Simple Steps


After you are done with the trial sessions and are satisfied, you can register yourself for the course.

Fill out the information

For registration, you will have to provide some basic information, such as name, email, time preference, and teacher.


The last stage is enrollment where you will have to consider the type of course you want to explore.

Extremely Qualified Female Quran Teachers

At My Quran Tutor, we have experienced and proficient female online Quran tutors in the UK. Holding quality expertise when it comes to teaching Quran online, or at home, with tajweed. After the completion of the trial course, you have the liberty to select your preferred female teacher.

Special Video Conferencing Classes

As technology becomes more and more developed, it is natural to use it to be the most needed. My Quran Tutor uses one-on-one video conferencing classes to conduct smart and engaging Quran tutoring online in the UK. At the comfort of your home, you can quickly learn the basics of the Holy Quran.


Flexibility is one of the benefits of online Quran teaching, and My Quran Tutor is living evidence of that. With the help of modern technology, our scholars and Quran tutors are available to students worldwide. All in all, we offer 24/7 flexibility to our people seeking to learn Koran online in the UK.

Availability of High-quality Quran Materials

At My Quran tutor, we have a wide range of data and material to help our students understand the Holy Quran better. The expert Quran teachers are trained in the most efficient way to conduct successful online classes to provide the students with valuable knowledge.

Free trial sessions

The convenience and satisfaction of our clients is our utmost responsibility. For that, we offer free trial sessions to beginners to study the Quran online in the UK. By opting for them, you can make sure which course you would like to purchase from My Quran Tutor. That will guarantee a smooth and beneficial experience. Once you’re sure of what you need, you can get enrolled in the program right away.

A Safe and Secure Teaching environment

My Quran Tutor conducts background checks at the time they hire Quran teachers and scholars. After proper verification, the educator is made part of our team. An approach like this results in providing a safe and secure environment for the students when learning Quran online. Get in touch today.

Why is My Quran Tutor the best choice for you to learn the Quran online?

We can learn everything from the Quran; that is why Islam and the Quran are necessary. We can become good human beings and good Muslims for playing a unique role in the world. The only message of the Quran is to spread love and peace around the world and in people. We can get to know about this message only after learning and understanding the Quran deeply. We are facing today’s problems because we are far away from the teachings of the Quran, and there is no unity between Muslims. We can become united only when we will follow the teachings of our Holy Quran. We all know that today, our environment is not safe, and everyone is afraid to go outside. It is better to learn Quran from My Quran tutor online using skype because it is the safest way of learning.

We are busy spreading the knowledge of the Quran among Muslims in the whole wide world. We have the best tutors in the world that tell the students about the rules and basics of the Quran, Tajweed, and Islam. My Quran Tutor is offering the best online Quran classes in the UK, and we are 100% reliable. We understand the needs of our students and provide them with the best solutions. We can provide you with the best timings and teachers according to your choice. If you can’t find a teacher or don’t want to send your kids outside the house, we are the best choice for you and your kids. It does not matter if you are a man or woman; we have qualified male and female teachers for your ease. We are here to spread the knowledge of the Quran to the entire world.

What our students say about us

Before joining them, I visited several online institutes and Quran learning schools, but their classes and learning process was very tough for me. Then, one day my friend referred me to MyQuranTutor; I enrolled easily and started learning Quran online from them. Alhamdulillah, I found them very much helpful and supportive in my Quran learning process. Their team of tutors is very much expert & professional in the field and learning process is very much easy. It gave me confidence in my learning and it is going on fantastically.

Thank you MyQuranTutor…

Ahmad Mehmood

I joined for Reading Quran with Tajweed Course. Their course and learning methods, both are with great quality. I found it very much easier for me to Learn Quran with Tajweed in my online class with them. They are flexible with me and helping me a lot. Their tutors are very much supportive and nice in behave. I also enrolled my kids with them and they are very much happy and encouraged in their learning.  I appreciate their support and efforts for me and my kids in learning the Holy Book. May Allah give them more success, as they are supporting and changing my life with Quran teaching.


Being a mother, it was very difficult task for me to choose a competent teacher for Quran learning of my kids. I read about MyQuranTutor online and contacted them for Quran teaching; I found them co-operative and professional in the field. Their courses are well designed and easy to cover. They care about my reservations being a mother about my kids. I enrolled my kids in the Basic Tajweed course and I found them very much competent and professional. My kids are satisfied more that Yes. With their tutor supports and hardworking. In reality, they made my family journey to Quran more and much easy.

Rabia Nazeer