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Quran class online

Tips for learning from Quran class online for kids are very important. It is actually a guideline for parents so that their kids can memorize or learn to read the Quran before entering maturity. Learning the Quran for children is one of the roots of Islam, hence they grow with the light of guidance and blessings surround their hearts forever. Also, when children learn Quran in an enjoyable manner, they preserve the Quran in their minds, appreciate reading it and even memorize it, not forgetting its benefits. Here are some tips for learning Quran for children which are very easy to follow and implement at home.

Tips For Learning Quran

Have a copy of Quran for kids. One of the easiest ways for them to memorize the Quran is by using the Quran perfectly. In order to do that, you should have a copy of the Quran for kids in your hand. When they see the Quran printed on paper, they will surely copy down the words or phrases from it as if they have read it from the holy book. This method will be effective for them when they memorize the Quran by heart as soon as they see it on paper. It is also much more impressive if you can recite the Quran perfectly to them without even hearing the words or phrases.

There are many online websites that offer kids the chance to learn Quran online. However, it will be a little bit difficult to teach them to memorize Quran by means of the internet. This is because the memorization process needs a lot of concentration, dedication and time. The good thing about the online method is that you can see the words and phrases of the Quran online but you can also see the translations of it, this makes it more interesting for your kids.

You can take your kids to a place where they can see the holy Quran every day. You can also let them see the holy Quran printed in different places. After that, you can ask them to perform simple tasks to make the learning process easier for them. For instance, you can ask them to say the word “Allahu Akbar” while they are standing in front of a mirror. Doing so will allow them to see the word in their own language and will memorize it properly.

Audio Lessons

Another method of home online learning is by using audio classes. There are several courses on the market that can help you with this purpose. Some of these courses are available free of charge while others will require you to pay a specific amount. You can choose an audio class from a certain website that offers Quran class online.

You can also ask your kids to listen to Quran CDs and download them to their computers. If they have grown up and want to start learning the language, then you should encourage them to do so. It is highly recommended that you buy CDs which are in Arabic language. Kids learn Quran online better if they hear it in Arabic.

Reading Quran With Translation

One of the best tips for learning the Quran perfectly is by reading the Quran with an Arabic dictionary or with online translators. You can either search through the internet for the words or phrases or you can buy some books regarding the Arabic language. This way, your kids will get to learn directly from you or their teacher the pronunciation of words. You can also read some verses of the Quran so that they can gain knowledge about it directly.

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