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The Holy Quran contains all the valuable information and characteristics of a man’s life. It is a summary of the Islamic principles and factors that Muslims must follow. Along with spiritual information, recitation and pronunciation of words hold quite a significance. Every Muslim must have an understanding of the Arabic language. This way, the concept of the Quran is more understandable to the readers. Due to the easy access to Quran teachers, you can learn Quran online in the UKand any other foreign country.

Meaning Of Tajweed

The word ‘Tajweed’ comes from the Arabic language. It means skill or understanding something. It also means reciting each word of the Quran with its actual pronunciation. Muslims belong to different regions of the world. So, they speak different languages. That’s why it is necessary to learn the Quran with tajweed to prevent any mistakes in the recitation.

Tajweed is the science of the Quran and identifies the ruling of its alphabets. Since the Holy Book’s recitation is necessary, it is important to read it adequately. The understanding of Tajweed is the gateway to understanding the Quran. The professional Quran tutors teach the rulings and accents through easy methods.

In the beginning, Muslims did not need to learn Tajweed because they were already aware of it. Quran is in the Arabic language, and the emergence of Islam took place in the Arab region. Thus, the Arabs are familiar with pronunciations. Learning tajweed is necessary because the Arabic language has changed into a different language than the classic Arabic.

The reasons below define the importance of Tajweed.

  • It helps to understand every letter of the Arabic language with its ruling.
  • It ensures correct pronunciation.
  • It is the ultimate way to prevent making mistakes during the recitation.

Essential Factors Of Tajweed Of the Holy Quran:

Tajweed of the Holy Quran entails many factors that need attention. The reader must take care of every detail attached to the Tajweed and grammar of the Quran. In the absence of proper knowledge of the pronunciation, a reader can not get the message of the Quran.

The Arabic language is complex. Each word and alphabet has a different pronunciation and accent. If you master Tajweed, then the understanding of the Quran will become easy. That’s why for reading Quran, learning and understanding tajweed is fundamental.

Top Ways To Improve Tajweed:

Once you are aware of the importance of Tajweed, it is vital to improve your Tajweed and learn Quran.

The following ways are beneficial in improving Tajweed.

  • Begin from the Primary Book

Try to learn the Quran from the primary chapters of the Arabic language. These chapters include information related to the pronunciation and the accent of alphabets. It enhances the skill of recitation and adequate knowledge of the Arabic language.

  • Try to practice Tajweed with recitation.

Another way of improving Tajweed is to practice recitation. Learning a new language becomes much easier when done through frequent practice. Similarly, the Arabic language becomes easy to understand through learning pronunciation and implementing it in recitation.

  • The Quran memorisation

The most convenient way of learning the accent of Quranic alphabets is to memorise them. It’ll help to practice Tajweed and reduce the chances of mistakes during recitation. The memorisation enables the readers to become fluent in the Arabic language. Moreover, there are tremendous rewards and benefits of Quran memorisation.

To sum up, if you want to learn Tajweed, select My Quran Tutor for learning Quran online with Tajweed. The Islamic scholars help the readers in teaching the Quran in convenient ways. Online Quran learning helps many Muslims to get primary Islamic education.

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