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Islamic education online

More than 190 countries have infected with the COVID-19 virus. More and more people are going into a trauma of their life risks and have cut-off themselves in their homes to stay safe from this virus. This article will help you to know how to leverage your quarantine time with Islamic education online.

No doubt cutting the entire effects of this virus is only possible by not giving them chances to spread or transform on other humans.

However, there are most of you who are experiencing this time so dull. Why not invest your time at a digital place that is capable enough to teach you Islamic education online in the quarantine phase?

There is no better time than this where you can teach yourself and your kids all useful knowledge about Islam. It could be anything like improving your Quran recitation and helping your kids to learn the basics of Quran recitation throughout this phase.

Being a Muslim, there is no better way for any of you to spend your quality time learning about Islam. Numerous online Islamic platforms are providing you the services to learn Quran online by sitting in your home 24/7.

Who Can Learn Quran with Online Platforms?

There are no specific age boundaries set by the online Quran learning platforms to leverage your quarantine time with Islamic education. Whether you are a parent or children, you can still learn the Quran from one of the best and qualified teachers around the world.

The platform to learn Quran online would be ideal for all the university and school students who are on vacations and staying at home for quarantine.

There is always a shortage of time that is the primary concern for all of you who want to learn the Quran. However, such hard reasons for staying at home would be beneficial for yourself by remembering or learning the teaching of Holy Islamic Scripture.

Other than learning the Quran, you are also capable of learning a lot about different aspects of Islam through the online Islamic platforms.

They are capable enough to teach you all about the historical information of Islam to keep your Emaan at a high level. Being a Muslim, we all know that death will come on our days when it’s written.

So, leveraging these hard times is only beneficial for you as a Muslim to learn more about the creator. In this hard time, when people are terrified of deaths, it’s the best chance for you to enable yourself at the level of Imaan by learning all about Islam.

Instead of wasting time on watching TV or spending your money on Netflix, the best way for you is to spend on an online Islamic learning platform to make this hard time beneficial for yourself.

Why should you Join Online Quran Academies in Quarantine Period?

The ultimate reason for joining the Quran academies is to leverage your quarantine time with Islamic education. Numerous platforms are providing the Quran teaching services for a long time.

There is no reason to say that these platforms created recently due to the coronavirus. Millions of Muslims living across the world are getting beneficial education from such platforms.

The best thing about these platforms is that you don’t have to go as a person to attend classes. There is an entire platform designed for the Islamic teaching services where you can online and get ready from your home to join the class.

As said in the above section, there is no age limitation for any Muslim to join the platform by looking upon the age barriers.

Experts say that it’s a worse time for human beings, so the chances of getting productive enough would be very low among humans.

However, being a Muslim, you should realize the fact that connecting with the knowledge of Islam or learning the Holy Scriptures will naturally improve the Emaan in yourself to cope with this situation peacefully.

Another reason you should join these online platforms is that you can create a proper time routine for yourself to learn about Islam in the quarantine time.

When the disease ends with the order of Allah, you can continue the platform to learn about Islam. When your total focus imposes on this learning process, there is no chance you will get away from this beneficial routine after the end of COVID-19.

Where can you learn Islamic education in the Quarantine time?

There are a lot of platforms available on google, but having the reliable one requires a lot of research. So, what we have done in this article for you is to mention one of the best online platforms where you can leverage your quarantine time with Islamic education learning.

MyQurantutor is one of the best online Islamic education platforms, which is providing services for a long time to the Muslims living across the world.

The reason they are reliable teaching platform for learning Islamic education in the COVID-19 quarantine time is that they are a registered platform.

A strict and careful process applies to the hiring of teaching faculty on this platform. There is an entire testing process the teachers need to pass for making their reservations on this platform.

Besides that, all of the teachers available on this platform are living in different parts of the world. So there would be no language barriers you will face while coming to this platform for learning about the Quran and Islam.

Majority of the peoples are well aware with the English language, MyQuranTutor has fluent English speaker teachers who can easily communicate with every student that can only understand English.

There is a list of requirements set by this platform for both teachers and students so that the teacher can teach in the right manner, and the student could leverage their quarantine time with Islamic education.

You have the authority to fill the form for their online classes and enroll for three-day trail-free classes. After your satisfaction, you can pay the fees to resume the course for yourself or your children.

There is no better way to invest your money on an Islamic platform, who can show you the various beneficial perspective of Islam to re-continue your life positively after COVID-19 pandemic ends.


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