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Right Age To Learn The Quran

Every Muslim has a duty from the divine authority of Allah to memorize some parts of the Quran. Although it is not mandatory to memorize all the Quran. However, it will guarantee a higher place in heaven.It is a popular question that arises in Google searches and the mass public; what is the right age to learn the Quran. The simple answer is that every age is the perfect age to learn the Quran.

In this blog, we will shed light on different aspects of the Quranic learning process. So, you must keep reading further for more.

The right age to learn worldly knowledge

We are living in a materialistic world, where every human needs to learn reading skills, writing skills, technical skills, and professional skills, in order to provide value to the public and earn his living.

However, after a particular age, one cannot learn intensive knowledge and skills. Therefore, reading and writing must be taught at an early age. For instance, all kids from age 5 to 10 years can learn reading and writing languages, which benefit them through their life.

After 12 years of schooling, which comes right at 17 years of age, all students must learn a professional skill, which can be engineering, sciences, medical, accounts, and arts.

From 17 years to 25 years, a student can acquire worldly professional skills. If that age has passed, then it becomes impossible for a person to acquire mastery and proficiency in a particular discipline.

However, if you are keen enough to struggle, then you can do everything at a later age. But it would be an exception, not the rule. That’s why parents should maintain a strict routine for their kids at that prime age.

Meanwhile, the Quran is the gift of Allah, which can be learned even in extreme old age. That’s why every age is the right age to learn the Quran.

How the Quran benefit us?

The Quran is the actual word of the Allah that guides us on the right path. Therefore, it must not be neglected by a Muslim.

Every human has the wisdom to guide himself for the betterment in life. But it will contain errors all the time. That’s why Allah sent his Prophet to guide all Mankind towards the righteous path.

The Quran tells all the orders of Allah. It includes what to do and what not to do. Moreover, it also tells where Muslims are free to choose anything.

Thankfully, the divine guidance from the Quran is not limited to rituals. In fact, it guides us from every aspect of life. For example, the matters of inheritance and business are clearly defined in the Quran, which benefits society and Muslims.

If a person follows the ways of the Quran, then heaven is guaranteed in the afterlife. That’s why learning the Quran must be on top priority for a man of faith.

Thankfully, the Quran is easy enough to be comprehended by every mind. That’s why every age is the right age to learn the Quran.

How to start learning the Quran?

It is easy. And it is simple. If you are an absolute beginner, then you must learn the alphabet of the Arabic language. After then, you need to learn the sound of words from the alphabet. Therefore, you must go to a tutor for study sessions. For that, you can also hire a Quran tutor service online, which will teach you to read the Quran through online tools.

Learn to read the manuscripts

With the help of your tutors, you need to learn the text reading, which you can master in two to three months. However, you will pronounce words in your native accent, which is permissible.

Learn the Tajweed

When you have mastered the art of Quranic text reading, then you must learn the proper pronunciations from your tutor.

It will take practice to master the correct sound of verses. But you can do it with daily practice. That’s why you must spend time in practicing your Tajweed every day. If you skip a day, then you will not learn it properly. Remember, every age is the right age to learn the Quran.

Learn the meaning of the Quran

When you have mastered the correct pronunciations, then it’s time to learn the meaning of the Quran. You can get enrolled in a madrassa where you can learn the meaning of Quranic words from a tutor.

Your tutor will tell you the meaning of every word in your native language by reading them aloud in front of you. That’s why you should learn the meaning of Quran verse by verse.

If you learn five verses daily, then you can learn the complete meaning of the Quran in three years or less. Above all, you will know what Allah is actually saying to you.

Remember, every age is the right age to learn the Quran.

Memorize the last chapter of the Quran

If you want to pray Salah more effectively, then you need to recite the Quran in every Salah. For that, you need to learn small Suras, which are abundant in the last chapter of the Quran. You can learn them with ease if you recite them daily.

We recommend you to memorize the last chapter as a first priority. It will not be a burden, and you will progress towards becoming a good Muslim.

Memorize popular Surahs

When you have memorized the last chapter, then you will become proficient in memorizing verses. That’s why you must not stop there. In fact, you can learn popular Suras, which are Mulk, Yasin, Waqia, Muzamil, Al-Fatih, Alif-Lam-Meem-Sajda, Ar-Rehman, and more.

Memorizing popular Suras will enable you to recite them in your Salah, which will be good for getting the good books of Allah.

Wrap up

We have described the way to learn the Quran with minimum effort. And we emphasize again that every age is the right age to learn the Quran. That’s why you should start right away. Have a good day and obey Allah.

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