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The holy Quran is the last message of Allah Almighty in the form of book descended upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). The holy Quran comprises of 30 chapters (paras); the number of total Surah of Quran is 114. Arabic is the diction of Quran. A Muslim is supposed to seek the solutions to his/her problems from the holy book (Quran). As Islam is not limited to Arab world; it has spread across the world; it is, therefore, necessary to translate Quran into the local languages of the different countries; instead of teaching the Arabic language to all the non-Arabs; it needs more effort and time. Today, online Quran Translation teachers are available; they teach how to translate Quran into different languages.

The Importance of Translating the Holy Quran

As it has already been told in the lines-above that teaching the Arabic language to all the non-Arabs is not a simple task; it needs years to accomplish. However, there is another less time-consuming effort to understand Quran with the true message it coveys. To read the translation of Quran in other languages is an easy way to know what Allah asks of us. However, it is not an easy task to translate Quran into another language; the person translating the holy Quran is required to be highly qualified in both languages; the Arabic and the language in which the Quran is being translated.

Online Quran Translation Teachers have Following Expertise

  • Command over the Arabic Language

Translating the Arabic language, which is not your native, is a hard task to accomplish. You need to have command over two languages on equal terms; the Arabic and the language in which you are going to translate Arabic; the diction of the Holy Quran. An online Quran translation teacher has excellent command over Arabic language along with having command over the language in which he translates Quran. Arabic you know is the language with vast vocabulary; the slightest mispronunciation turns the meaning of the verse of the Holy Quran. The online Quran translation teacher knows very well how to pronounce the Arabic words accurately; the twist of tongue turns the meaning of many words.

Online Quran Translation Teacher has Command over Arabic Grammar

Without knowing the grammar of a language, you cannot speak the language accurately; nor can you be able to translate the language into your local language. Online Quran translation teacher not only has command over the grammar of his local language but also has the command over Arabic language to translate the verses of Quran into another language as per the grammar rules; the slightest misunderstanding of grammar will change the meaning of Allah’s words; it is a sin of great degree whether he does it intentionally or unintentionally.

Online Quran Translation Teacher Knows Islamic History

As the Quran is the book of Allah Almighty; it has the knowledge of past, present, and future. Many of the verses of Quran have to be understood in the context of Islamic history. Without having knowledge of Islamic history, the teacher cannot explain a verse of Holy Quran accurately. The holy verses of Quran were descended on different occasion as per the need of the hour. Without knowing the reason why a certain verse was descended, the teacher cannot convey the true message of Allah Almighty. The online Quran translation teacher has read Islamic history along with knowing when and where a particular verse of the Holy Quran was descended.

Online Quran Translation Teacher knows the Classic Arabic

To understand and translate the Quran with its true essence it is very important for a teacher to know classic Arabic; the knowledge of classic Arabic helps the online Quran translation teacher understand Quran perfectly. Also, the classic language and the modern language are interlinked; to understand the modern Arabic diction; it is compulsory to know the classic Arabic language.

Online Quran Translation Teacher Has Vast Vocabulary of Arabic Language

Arabic is the language highly rich in vocabulary; the meaning of the same word can be changed with a slight twist of tongue. The online Quran translation teacher has vast Arabic vocabulary with the understanding of the accurate pronunciation of the different Arabic words. On equal terms, the teacher has vast vocabulary of the language in which the Quran is being translated; it is equally important for the teacher to have vast vocabulary of the language in which he is going to translate the Holy Quran; this is how he will be able to turn the Arabic word into the word of other language carrying depth and weight of same degree. This is how the Quran can be understood with its true essence.

Online Quran Translation Teacher has the knowledge of Hadith

The holy Quran was descended upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Allah Almighty says that the Prophet (SAW) himself is the particle example of the holy Quran; in other words, the teaching of Quran can be understood by observing the life of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We come to know about the life of the Prophet (SAW) through his biography and through the sayings (hadith) of the Prophet (SAW). The knowledge of hadith helps you to understand the holy Quran. An online Quran translation teacher gets the knowledge of hadith along with memorizing a large number of hadith. Many of the hadith translate the holy verses of the Holy Quran. The online Quran translation teacher evaluates many verses in the context of hadith; similarly; many hadith are evaluated in the context of the holy Quran. In another word; Quran and hadith support each other.

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Online Quran translation teachers help the Muslims translate Quran accurately. The teacher has command over the Arabic language; also, he has a vast knowledge of Islamic history, and the vast knowledge of hadith. Moreover, he has great command over Arabic grammar.

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