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Allah says in the Quran, “And recite the Quran (aloud) in (slow and melodious) style.” The Holy Quran is a blessed gift to Muslims of all time, all over the world. So, it deserves to be read beautifully with attention. Many people miss the basic rules of reading the Quran, one of these rules being Tajweed. Here is a guide to help you learn Tajweed properly.


What Is Tajweed?

As it is said in the Holy Quran, one must read the Quran slowly and beautifully, with its proper rules and rights. There are specific rules for pronouncing the letters in the Quran correctly, and these rules are called Tajweed. Reading with proper Tajweed is essential because if read wrong, it could change the meanings, which will result in the reader relaying the wrong message. That is a big mistake. That’s why it is best to learn Tajweed as soon as possible.


How Long Does It Take to Learn Tajweed?

Since the Tajweed rules are a bit specific, it is not quite possible to learn Tajweed in just a few days. Learning Tajweed may take some time, but it is definitely worth all the effort. When you take your time to learn Tajweed properly, you are able to pay proper attention to it. This allows you to take in the rules well so you can read the Quran correctly.


Tips for Learning Tajweed Properly:

Learning Tajweed is time-taking and demanding but not impossible. Here are a few tips for learning Tajweed properly.


#1 Know the Origin of The Letter:

The very first thing you need to understand about Tajweed is the Makhraj. Makhraj is the origin of the letter, meaning the part of your mouth from which the sound of a letter originates.


#2 Recognize the Attributes:

Attributes (Madd, Ghunna, Jazm, etc.) are important to remember because they too determine the sound of the letter.


#3 Get Expert Help:

Getting expert help can be great for learning. You can learn Tajweed online if you are unable to go out and take classes.


#4 Listen to Recitations:

Listening to recitations of the Quran by expert readers will help you recognize the Makhraj and other pronunciation methods.


#5 Read Out Loud:

Tajweed is mainly about sound. To know if whether you are learning the Tajweed well and making progress, you should read out loud. Pay attention to the sound and see if it matches the rules.


#6 Remember to Practice Frequently:

No matter what you are learning, you won’t be able to make the required progress if you are not practicing it. The same is the case for learning Tajweed. Whether you learn Tajweed online, in physical classes, or by yourself, remember to practice frequently. This practice will tell you if all your effort is bearing any fruit or not, and how far you need to go until you perfect it.


With this guide, you can easily learn Tajweed and avoid mistakes while reading the Quran beautifully with its rules and rights.


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