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Why you should Teach Your Children Quran and Islamic Education by Living Abroad

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Being born in a Muslim family and living abroad might create fewer opportunities to learn Quran, Islamic education, and other Quran courses easily. Yet, it’s an essential aspect of your whole life because a proper way to understand Quran and Islam makes it easy for you to live as per the guidelines of Almighty Allah.

Where else can you find authentic words of Allah other than the Quran to help you and your children live wherever in the world according to his guidance?

If we talk about the current era, most of the families are living across the world to feed bread and butter to their younger ones. In such cases, most of them might also have to live in a country where learning the Quran or Islamic education is impossible through physical classes.

However, the concept of learning Quran online has become one of the best ways for every single Muslim living abroad.

There are numerous platforms available on the Internet that assist every single Muslim based on their timings or schedules and the learning they want from highly qualified teachers.

How Learning Quran Online Can Become Beneficial For your Children?

Small Classes:

It’s much more effective and a great ambiance for every Quran learner, when the teacher gives individual attention to him/her.

Learning Quran online on a portal provides the facility to give individual classes to every new student so they can understand it correctly.

Flexible Timings:

Whether you need it for your children or the whole family, the online portals are much more flexible than the physical class schedules. You can schedule your desirable timings for your children to learn Quran online whenever you get free on the whole day.

Online portals are much better in providing late night classes or weekend classes to every new person signing in for their courses.

High Qualified Instructors:

Whether you are male or female, it’s more applicable to learn Quran from the same gender as per the teaching of Islam. The online Quran learning portals give you the possibility to select the highest qualified Quran instructors, both male, and female, for yourself or your children.

The instructors who teach the Quran or Islamic education in the portal go through a proper test road map. Only those who pass the quality Islamic test can teach other Muslims.

It creates an authority and trust flow for every new Muslim who wants to register themselves for a good Islamic education in an online portal.

What are the Benefits of Learning Quran and Islamic Education for Children?

If we talk about the current Muslims, the ratio of those living abroad tends to have less information about Islamic education. The reason behind it is the experience of different western culture that has nothing to do with the Islamic religion.

So, it is essential for those of you who are living abroad to learn proper Islamic education and also teach your children as well.

Because getting the right knowledge about Islam, keeps you to stay inside the Islamic culture along with your family members for the whole life.

It isn’t easy for every Muslim living abroad to find an authentic person who teaches them a proper Islamic education.
However, various online platforms have been developed in the past few years to provide proper Islamic education courses.
These courses benefit Muslims living abroad to get motivated by learning about the History of Islam. The sacrifices of Prophet (P.B.U.H), the caliphate, the proper way to perform Salah, and memorizing the essential Duas for daily life.
Without having any proper platform other than the online Islamic portal, you can’t learn about it.

Moreover, the key point of learning Islamic education from a trusted online platform increases your knowledge and confidence to talk with non-Muslims when they argue about Islam.

You can also become a representative of Islam by living in a non-Muslim country, and following Islamic knowledge will positively affect inside the hearts of your non-Muslims neighbors or co-workers.

What are the Quran Courses Children’s Should Learn online?

Other than learning the recitation of the Quran, there are other significant courses you also need to do to acquire the full benefits of the Quran.

Below are some of the major advanced and basics courses mentioned that are essential for every parent and children in their life.

Noraani Qaida: Without having the basics, no new person can learn the recitation process of the Quran correctly.

Noraani Qaida is the basic building block for any new person who wants to read the Quran for the whole life. It makes you able to generate proper Arabic sounds require for the appropriate recitation of the Quran.

Memorizing the Quran Online:

If you are living abroad and very serious about memorizing the Quran yourself or to your children’s, it’s now possible for you to achieve.

The level of teaching skills about Quran memorization an online Islamic portal offers makes it easier for every student to learn it uniquely and more efficiently. The student would be of any age group, as every age group can memorize the Quran.

Moreover, the memorization of the Quran for any individual Muslim has numerous benefits in this life and hereafter.

It also allows every single Muslim to be able to connect more closely with the Almighty Allah. Moreover, the person who memorizes the Quran can later too quickly teach it to their loved ones who are living abroad as well.

Behind that, memorizing the Quran makes it able for a good hafiz-e-Quran to take their family members to heaven.

Tafseer of the Quran Online:

Every Muslim needs to understand Quran with Tafseer. Because every new person who reads the translation themselves might get the information as per their thinking capabilities.

It sometimes creates self-made perceptions about Islam in the wrong way that can make it harmful for a person in the whole life.

By registering yourself in an online Tafseer-e-Quran course, you can get the chance to attend the sessions of a qualified Islamic scholar.

They will read the Quran and its translation live in front of you and also explain all the basic to advance things that come in the Tafseer about spending life as per the Quran Orders.

Our whole life is dependent upon the teachings of Allah and his prophet, so understanding it in the right manner is only possible with the right Tafseer of the Quran.

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