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learn Quran with translation

It has been a debate for many years whether it is permitted to read the Holy Quran in any other language than the original. Well, the good is that yes, it is definitely alright to learn Quran with translation. Despite Arabic being the original language in which the Holy Quran was blessed upon us, it is not restricted to that language. In fact, for some, it is even important to read the Quran with translation. Here’s why.


#1 Helps You Understand the Quran Better:

The most important thing about reading the Quran is to understand the message that is relayed in it. Though the original language may be Arabic, it is completely alright to read it in another language. A translation, as it is called. In fact, today, many scholars are encouraging it so that you can easily understand the Quran. You should not give up on reading the Quran because you do not understand Arabic. You can always read a translation.


#2 Makes It Convenient to Read the Quran:

Many people who have tried to read the Quran in its original language, which is Arabic, must have experienced. When Arabic is not your native language, or you are not fluent in it, you often tend to make errors and get stuck while reading it. Try reading it in your preferred language to make it more convenient.


#3 Helps in Memorizing the Quran:

To learn Quran with translation is particularly beneficial for those who are on the path of Hifz, meaning, to memorize the Quran. Since the translation will help you understand the meaning better, you will be better able to recognize the words as you keep practicing more and more. This way, you will be able to memorize it quickly.


#4 Beneficial For Reading Quran with Tafseer:

When it comes to reading the Quran with translation, it is not only beneficial for those who are trying to memorize it but also works wonders for those who are reading the Quran with Tafseer. The translation helps in understanding the meanings as the familiarity of the language works wonders in taking in information.


#5 Makes It Easier to Relate to The Quran:

There is another reason why in today’s age, Islamic scholars are putting more emphasis on and encouraging people to learn Quran with translation. The reason is that since the translation is in a language that we understand better than the original, it becomes easier to understand the message and relate our situation to the teachings of the Quran.


#6 Helps Adapt Life According to The Teachings Of Quran:

One important rule of reading the Quran is to not only understand the message of God given in it but to also adapt our lives according to the teachings. Many people may not be aware of it. Applying the teachings of the Quran to our lives will make life much more comfortable and make us stronger.


It is okay to learn Quran with translation because it will help you understand it better. That is what you need to get closer to God.


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