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Why Today’s Generation Should Learn Quran Online and How to Motivate Them for This?

learn koran online

The holy Quran is the Book of Allah and the only source of learning for the Muslims. There are many other books that are being used for learning but the holy Quran is different from all of them. This book contains the divine words of Allah, but other books are written and edited by humans. Other books deal with a very limited number of topics, but the Quran covers all the topics in the world comprehensively. There is not a single subject that is not included in the Quran by Allah.
That is why; it is crucial for today’s generation to learn Koran Online to come out of the darkness and embrace divine light and a bright future.

Allah revealed this holy book upon Our Prophet ﷺ and it promises the ultimate success of humans in this world and hereafter.

If you want to lead a life according to the instructions of Allah, then you must read and understand the teachings of the Quran.

In the present era, Muslims are suffering just because they are not taking guidance from the Quran. To become powerful in political, cultural, social, and other areas once again, we must read the Quran daily.

In the past, people used to visit the mosque or a tutor used to come to the houses for teaching the Quran, but, now due to security issues, it has become nearly impossible.

Parents don’t feel safe to send their kids outside the house because they want them to stay in front of their eyes.

However, technology has made things very easy and comfortable and now, there are many online Quran institutions available that offer classes for kids and adults as well.

If you or your kids want to learn the Quran, it is highly recommended to find a tutor and learn koran online from the comfort of your house.

The right age to learn the Quran online

The right age for kids to learn Quran is from 3 years because this is the age when children pick everything quickly without questioning too much.

If you think your child is a quick learner and grasp things effortlessly, then it is a great thing.

However, if your kid is a slow learner, then the online teachers will handle them with great love and attention. They will give them useful and proven techniques to learn and understand the Quran in a better way.

As a parent, it is your duty to observe the learning habits of your kid and determine which age is right for them to start learning the Quran.
Always remember to never force your child to join the classes because if he is not ready then he won’t be able to give a good performance.

First of all, make them realize the importance of the Quran and why it is good for him/her to learn or memorize it.
In this way, they can become Hafiz or Qaris in the coming future because of their love with the Quran.

It is the responsibility of the parents to develop the love and emotional attachment of today’s generation with the Quran and Islam instead of gadgets.

Reasons your kids should learn Quran online

  • It contains the messages of Allah for the humans, so we can talk to Allah through the Quran.
  • It is one of the supreme miracles that was revealed on our Beloved Prophet ﷺ.
  • Our Prophet ﷺ fought for this book in his entire life and made people realize that they should lead their lives according to the teachings of Islam.
  • To live a life full of happiness, peace, and contentment, we should learn koran online.
  • When we recite the Quran after saying the Fajar prayer, angels come down and listen to our recitation.
  • All those people who read the Quran regularly become closer to Allah.
  • An individual who memorizes the Quran will be crowned in heaven.
  • The Quran is the only way that can help you achieve success in this world and the other one.
  • It contains a cure for every spiritual, physical, psychological, and emotional disease.
  • It tells us how humans should lead their lives and understand what happened in the past and what will happen in the coming future.
  • It is a book written by Allah and it is free of mistakes because Allah himself is its protector.
  • It contains the food for our soul, mind, body, law, statement, and everything.
  • It is a source of unity, strength, honor, and pride for Muslims so, we should respect it.
  • These days, the Quran has become the top priority of the scientists, researchers, and intellectuals.

Benefits of learning the Quran as a young child
Free of distractions

If a kid will start learning the Quran at a young age, he will be able to understand it in a perfect way. This is the age when he will stay away from other distractions and the love of Allah, Islam, and the Quran will develop in his heart.

At a young age, the mind is strong and pure and accept everything easily so, whatever he will memorize, it will stay in his mind for a lifetime.

Apply the teaching of Quran in practical life

If your kid will learn koran online, he will be able to apply the teachings of the Quran in his practical life. He will stay away from bad things in life and choose the path that will lead him towards Allah.

Children who learn the perfect recitation of the Quran are considered to be blessed and successful. They can play an impressive role to spread the education of the Quran in the world.

Master the Arabic language

As you know that understanding the Arabic language is very difficult, but during the memorization of the Quran, your kid will be able to understand the Arabic language properly.

Become closer to Allah

The basic purpose of our life is to worship our Creator and follow the teaching of his holy book. If your kid will learn the Quran at a young age, his heart will be filled with divine light and love.

Use these tips to become serious to learn the Quran online
Think about technical difficulties as a learning

We all know that it is difficult to use computers if you never did it before. It can be hard for you to find the browser option to start the online Quran learning session for your kid.

Sometimes, an internet connection can give you a headache due to constant disconnection. However, you should not take these things as an obstacle, but try to learn how to use the gadgets easily.

Today, young kids know very well how to use them, so you can learn from them or your husband. Also, get information about how to open the email inbox to check the homework sent by the teacher for your kid.

Learn to get rid of ignorance

It does not matter if you or your kid want to join the online class, it is necessary to never do it to show off. If you think you are not ready to learn online, then don’t force yourself.

To take advantage of Quran learning, you should try to cure your ignorance. If you will not be sincere, you will just waste your time and money by enrolling in the course.

Try to ponder on why you want to join the online Quran classes and what are your true intentions. If the intentions are pure, Allah will make things easier for you and you will enjoy learning the Quran.

Find a great teacher

To understand and learn koran online, it is crucial to find a great tutor who has the working experience of many years.

There are many online Quran websites where you can find a teacher who can fit your needs.

After joining the course, if you will not like a tutor, you can inform to the administration and they will replace him with a new one.

Respect your teacher

To learn the Quran in a perfect way, it is vital to respect your teacher. Without respecting your teachers, you cannot achieve success in any area of life.

It does not matter in which part of the world your tutor lives in, respect his teaching style and advises. Try to understand him and if you are unable to do so, ask him/her again.

Never disturb them but respect their schedules and only ask them questions when your class time starts. If you really want to discuss anything, make a mutual plan for this purpose.

Never ask personal life questions such as if he is married, how many kids he/she has, why he got divorced, and much more because it is unethical.

In case, you unintentionally hurt the feelings of your teacher, immediately seek forgiveness and promise to never repeat that mistake again.

Make notes

It is important to make notes when you learn koran online because it can help you remember essential points.

The tutor will definitely provide you virtual notes but handwritten notes are better because you can access them at any time of need.

However, take permission from the tutor before making the notes or video recording. As a parent, If you are unable to sit with your kid during the class, then video or audio recording is the best option.

Give importance to each lesson

While reciting the Quran, it is vital to pay attention to each and every word to avoid mistakes. You need to know that Angels come down to the earth when a Muslim recites the Quran with great attention.

Before reciting, open the notes and read them carefully for a better understanding. Give importance to each and every lesson because the holy Quran is a special book.

Join online communities

If you are taking the personal Quran classes, then it is a good idea to join online Quran communities too for seeking help on different topics.

As in one-on-one classes, you don’t obtain a chance to interact with other students but in these kinds of groups and networks, you can easily ask them anything.

However, remember not to trust anyone too much because you don’t know the person personally and never share your private pictures and other information with them.

Praise Allah for giving you comfort

As you know that in the past, people used to go outside to get the education of the Quran, but now, you can do it from the comfort of your own house.

That is why; you should feel gratitude and praise Allah for giving you enough money and other facilities to join these classes.

In this digital era, people are not closer to Allah so, if you are learning the Quran online, then you have got the mercy and blessings of Allah with you.

Feel positive from the Inside

You know very well that the Arabic language is difficult to understand and read for the newbies, but this thing should not discourage you.

It is necessary to feel positive from the inside to overcome these obstacles easily and feel excited about your new Quran course.

Be a good listener

To memorize or learn koran online, it is necessary to be a good listener instead of a speaker.
The words of the Quran are hard to pronounce for the beginners, but if you will listen to the teacher carefully when

he will recite them, you will be able to avoid mistakes as well.

Make a routine to revise previous lessons

If you are memorizing the Quran, make sure to make a habit to revise previous lessons.

In case, your class is canceled due to any reason, instead of watching TV or using the internet, revise the lessons.


Digital Quran classes are very useful for the kids and adults because they can get the full attention of the tutor in a one-on-one class.

The online institutions provide 24/7 services, so it is easy for you to choose a flexible time frame for you. If your kids go to school in the morning so, you can arrange the classes for them in the evening.

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