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islam for kids

What is Islam for kids?. One of the best gifts and great blessings of Allah is having children after marriage. Children mean the world to their parents. And all parents on earth want to provide everything for their children according to their capacity. But children are also testimonial for parents because they are responsible for every act of their children. Allah has put great responsibility on parents in a matter of looking after the children and bringing them up according to the teaching of Islam. Our Holy Prophet guides us in all the aspects of life including how we can raise our children in the light of Quran and Hadith and according to the commands of Allah. Furthermore, now you can get complete knowledge about your concerns through an online teaching class that would assist u and helps you to train your children in a better way.

Teach them to use polite language and behave well.

Bringing up children according to the teaching of Rasool Allah is quite different from the worldly motives we keep in our mind while nourishing our kids. Islam (Islam for kids) tells us that before guiding our children we should follow that step our self. Islam has laid great responsibility on parents in giving training to children. It is said in the Quran that Shepherd and the father will be answerable on the Day of Judgment. Therefore, we should take responsibility for our kids completely. A parent must teach the children manners and work on their behavior. The first noticeable thing is your behavior and way of speaking and treating others.

Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) said that we should always use polite language and use good words for others”. So when our children start speaking the first word to teach them should be Allah and Muhammad. In this way, they would understand the importance of Allah and Muhammad in our life from the very beginning of their life.

Furthermore, to understand Islamic rulings about children’s training we can get better guidance from the online Quran tutor. Online Quran offers us different courses that help us to get a better insight in the basic teaching of Islam and clear our all misunderstandings regarding our religion.

Guide them not to pursue the world only

Out approach towards life is contrary to Islam. We can live a peaceful life by following the path that is told by Islam. But we can’t make the adjustments if we only follow the materialistic world. This world is like a trap to save our children and give them a secure life we have to train them according to the rulings of our religion. In this regard, we can get help from an online Quran where experts of the Quran are working day and night just to provide you the right information about the Quran so that you can feel the positive change in your life and the behavior of your children.

There is no argument regarding our children’s preparation for good livelihood and quality education that is at par with the modern world and technology but it does not imply at all that we should leave our religion at the side.Instead, if we will take our children on the path of Islam and tell them the difference between (halal and Haram) legitimate and illegitimate things, then there life would become much easier and good for them. They would face less humiliation and fewer problems in their lives. They would know the art of tackling and grappling their problems in the light of Islam. And it would reward them not only in this world but in the hereafter as well.

Give them the right Knowledge about obligation and duties of Muslims

It is a fact that being a Muslim we have some duties and obligations. It is mandatory to offer prayers five times a day, after proper ablution, fasting in the month of Ramadan, charity, and shares for poor in our income, going to the house of Allah for Hajj if we can afford but these are few of the things. They complete half of our religion. But we need in-depth knowledge about these duties so that we can understand their importance and enforce our children to practically apply those teachings and become a dutiful Muslims.

We should make it clear for our children that they should enlighten their minds with the holy verses of the Quran which are full of knowledge and wisdom. Only the Quran would show us the path which would take us directly towards paradise (Jannah) that is the ultimate goal of all true Muslims. Now parents should not be a worry at all because if they have less knowledge they can expose their children towards a healthy life told by Islam through an online Quran tutor which is completely reliable and our friend in need.

Train your child to become a practical Muslims

After discussing everything it is necessary to make it crystal clear that lip service is never sufficient if we desire a good result. Practically working on something would only lead us towards the right end. Therefore, being a parent we should inculcate this thing in our kids that we should not adopt the tell-like strategy in training our children according to the teaching of Islam. Rather our perspective should be cleared like Ice. We should make our children true Muslims who not only preach but do himself first what he says.

The biggest problem is that we talk a lot but when it comes to practice those teachings of Islam (Islam for kids) and the Quran we are zero. This is one of the reasons that we still are unable to achieve our goal of being Muslims. Therefore, we should train in our children that they do first by themselves and then ask others to do the same. They should stick to their religion by hook and crook.

Develop the habit of reciting the Holy Quran on daily basis

Last but not least, reciting Holy Quran daily brings a lot of positive changes in our life that can be seen with our open eyes. There is a remedy of every disease and solution of every problem in Our Holy Quran that is sent on our Holy Prophet (PBUH). And this book is full of information that we need to bring up our children according to the commands of Allah. We just need guidance and that we can get from an Online Quran tutor that is great service by pious people who strives to bring us also close to Allah.
(Islam for kids)

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