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how to read quran

Many of the Muslims are blessed enough to be able to read the Holy Quran. But, are we reading it properly? Do you have the question “how to read the Quran properly”? Well, read on to find out the answers.

#1 Learn the Tajweed:

The literal meaning of the Arabic word “Tajweed” is “doing something well” or “expertise”. There are certain rules of how to properly pronounce the letters of the Arabic language, and how to pronounce each symbol. This is to make sure that the Quran is read exactly as it was sent and no meaning would be modified.

#2 Have A Steady Start:

The best way to make it easier for you to properly read and understand the Holy Quran is to start by reading the shorter chapters (i.e. the shorter Surahs towards the end of the Holy Quran). It is easier to read and pronounce the smaller words and shorter Ayahs.

#3 Don’t Hesitate to Repeat:

Many people hesitate to do something or even start it because they are afraid to make mistakes. But when it comes to reading the Quran, don’t give up. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because you can always retrace your steps and correct them. The important thing is to keep trying.

#4 Read It Slowly:

The reason why it is emphasized that one should recite the Holy Quran daily is so that can keep their pace steady. When you go along at a slow and steady pace you can process and understand the words better, therefore being able to pronounce them better.

#5 Read It with Concentration:

If you wish to know how to read the Quran properly and with all its rights, then one thing you must not forget is that you need to read it with concentration. That way you will be able to pay attention to all the words and properly attend to all the Tajweed rules.

#6 Read It Beautifully:

Another of the rights that the Holy Quran has upon us (though many of us might not be aware of this) that we have to read it beautifully. After all, it is the message of God blessed upon us as a gift, so we should treat it as a gift.

#7 Try to Understand It:

Our duties to the Holy Book from Allah, do not end at reading it only. What we have to do along with reading it properly and beautifully is to understand it. The first step of understanding is the translation if you do not already understand Arabic. The second is to decipher the message sent in the Quran by God.

#8 Apply the Message of The Holy Quran To Your Life.

The most important duty of reading the Holy Quran is that once we have read and understood it well, we must apply the teachings to our lives. Along with that, we should share it with our fellow Muslims too.

These easy tips will tell you how to learn Quran online properly so that you can enlighten yourself and become a better Muslim!

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