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How To Memorize Quran – Faster and Easy Way

how to memorize quran

For all Muslims in the world, it has been greatly emphasized to understand the Quran well. Memorizing is an excellent bonus. If you are on the path of memorizing it, here are a few tips on how to memorize Quran in a faster and easy way.

#1 Give It Proper Time:

Memorizing anything quickly, including the Ayahs of the Quran, can only be done well if you give it proper time. Experts say that with proper focus, one Ayah of the Quran can be memorized in the course of 20 minutes. So, by repeating the process, you can achieve the goal pretty quickly and efficiently.

#2 Practice the Memorizing Process Daily:

As it is mentioned earlier, the memorizing process can only be done well if you give it proper time. The best way to go about this process is to practice the memorization process daily. The first answer, naturally, is to practice it daily when the question is “how to learn Quran”.

#3 Take the Help of a Professional:

Those who are expert in reading and memorizing the Quran are more knowledgeable in terms of learning and memorizing the Quran. With their experience, they can give you helpful tips and methods of memorizing the Quran faster and easily.

#4 Revise the Learned Material:

If you keep revising the learned material sufficiently from time to time, it will help imprint the material into your brain. The mind gets trained to recognize the words, sequence, and the patterns, which contributes significantly to the memorization process.

#5 Get Online Classes:

When you are busy with other stuff or do not have the option or availability of going out to get Quran learning classes, or calling a tutor at your home, your best bet is to get online classes for learning the Quran. These classes will also act as a daily reminder for you to carry on with your memorization process.

#6 Listen to Recordings Before Sleep:

Listening to recordings of anything every night before you fall asleep helps greatly when you want to memorize something. During that time, the mind is trained to calmly intake the information and when you wake up, a slight imprint of it is left on your brain as it carries on. Over time, it strengthens and helps you remember your goal perfectly.

#6 Listen to Recordings Before Sleep:

Are you looking for the quickest and easiest methods of how to memorize Quran faster? Well, in that case, what you need to try out is practicing different methods of recitation. When your mind will be focusing on the different methods, it will also remember what the different methods are for.

#8 Do Exercise to Strengthen Your Mind:

Last but not the least, if you want to memorize something, what you need is a clear and steady mind. Try out different exercises to strengthen your mind.

Try out these effective tips to speed up your memorization process and memorize the Holy Quran easily and quickly!

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