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The Secret Of Reciting The Holy Quran In Your Busy Routine

Holy Quran

The Holy Quran is the most Sacred Book of Muslim Community. Muslims follow the instructions of the Quran and Hadith and live their life accordingly. Allah Almighty Has given us this beautiful gift that will never change with a single word till the end of the universe. Our belief makes our connection stronger with Allah Almighty and His Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Every single Muslim must spread the knowledge no matter how much they have. With the rising trend of technology, things are quite easy now.

Education and learning have now undergone revolutionary changes. Universities, colleges, and schools now offer their entire course online. It became very easy to learn anything without going anywhere.

No doubt that we live in a busy world, no one wants to waste time. Due to the hectic daily work or the heavy workload of the office, the Muslim Ummah forgot to recite the Holy Quran.

However, most of the people waste their time doing rubbish and say that we are busy all day. There are some indications that we are responsible for fulfilling them, such as Offering Prayers of 5 times in a day, fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan, Reciting the Holy Book Quran Paak, and Performing Hajj (pilgrimage).

How To Conduct Online Holy Quran Courses Online Via The Internet?

As mentioned above, applications such as Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting are now used for online courses, and they are also used for communication in online Quran learning courses. Any Quran teacher at the online Qur’an Institute will call you and give you or your child a lecture by phone and show you the material you see on the page. The material will include books, audio, video or any graphics. So it will be like an online classroom that will be interactive and live streaming. The course will be available in the desired language.

What Are The Benefits Of Learning The Holy Quran Online?

Holy Quran

1- Online learning The Qur’an is not like the regular study that you or your child must do at the one set of the college school. Here, you can choose your timetable for Learn Quran online, depending on what you want, the time available, the days, or even the weekend.

2- Choose the Quran course you want for yourself or your child, and select men or woman according to your demand. There are almost no free trial courses.

3- Save time and money by conveniently enjoying all the lessons in your own home.

4- This is safe because you can choose secure online payment via PayPal or credit card.

Therefore, you can join the Quran course and learn how to read the Qur’an online using Tajweed at any institution, such as MyQuranTutor.

Learning Qur’an Online is not easy for non-Arabic students, but modern technology has now revived, and students from all over the world have found the Qur’an on the Internet. It is as beneficial as face-to-face learning of the Qur’an. The online Qur’an learning course is conducted via Skype or any other best communication application that can be used for voice calls or screen sharing. So you can try the free course and see how it works. If you are happy with the process and your child is happy with the Quran studies, you can sign up and start learning the Holy Book Qur’an.

My Quran Tutor Leads To Right Path

Undoubtedly, the holy Quran ensures the salvation of the Muslims; every Muslim male, as well as female, is supposed to learn Quran to know what Allah Almighty asks him/her to do; how should they spend their lives as per Allah’s command and His Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) teachings?. Islam has spread all over the world; the Holy Quran is the Holy Book that teaches Muslims how to spend their lives. However, the Holy Quran was descended in the Arabic language; in many Muslim and Non-Muslim countries, Arabic is not the first language.

The Muslims speaking other languages have to learn Quran with accurate pronunciation and grammar. It is obligatory on all the Muslims. The children, men, and women cannot find a qualified tutor to learn Quran accurately; somehow they find a tutor; they time management becomes another issue. Keeping in view all the issues above-mentioned, MYQURANTUTOR has been serving online for a long time; the main concern is to teach the holy Quran in its true essence and spirit.

“There has come to you from Allah a light and clear book (The Holy Quran) by which Allah directs those who follow Its pleasure – the way of concord – and brings them out of the dimness into the bright, with Its approval, and directs them to a straight pathway.” (Holy Quran: 5: 15-16)

The Secret Of Memorizing The Qur’an In Your Busy Routine

In a busy life, there are some simple tips to recite the holy book.

Remember This Is The Word Of God.

Always remember that Allah is our creator, we must follow his instructions.

Allah Is A Great Helper

I believe that in our work, Allah will help us in every difficult situation. Then recite the holy book to remember him.

Make Arrangements

If you are too busy, then arrange to recite the holy book, such as downloading Quran Apps.

Check Your Schedule

Always check your schedule or make an appropriate timetable, then you can easily recite the Holy Qur’an.

Therefore, according to these points, you can get the blessing of Allah Almighty. Develop the habit of reciting the Qur’an every day. Allah Want us to recite the Holy Quran on daily basis. There are 10 virtues for a single Holy Quran Word.

The Qur’an is a complete code of life, its knowledge applies to everyone, and its teaching is not limited to any specific person of caste, belief, race or age. Anyone from any age can get guidance from it. MyQuranTutor is the best option for you to learn Quran with Translation and Tafseer. Everyone needs to know what our Quran says.


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