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Free Quran learning

Learn Quran online is the necessity for the Muslims and every Muslim must learn the Quran. Many people cannot get the education of the Quran because they don’t have enough resources which are the biggest cause of not obtaining the teachings of Islam and the Quran.  On the other hand, many people are unable to find the right person who can teach them the Quran in the right and correct Arabic accent. There are many institutions in the whole world that are providing the knowledge of the Quran but they are not providing the right knowledge. Many institutions provide the right knowledge of the Quran but they charge heavy fees for their services. We are here to provide free learning of the Quran to our fellow Muslims brothers, sisters, and kids who cannot afford paying the heavy fees.

What is the reason behind starting the Free Quran learning program?

The reason to start this program is to provide free education of the Quran to the humans and to serve Islam. This program is only for limited people and only most deserving people can apply for availing this chance. You must provide the right information for availing this program because after the collection of your personal data, we will do research about you and your background based on your given information. If you will try to give the wrong information and will get this chance then you must know that you are snatching the right of those who deserve the most.

You must provide information to us by keeping it in your mind that Allah is watching everything and you are applying for this program to learn Quran online. There is no purpose of telling the lie because Allah will not be happy with you and you will not gain peace of mind. We hire the best and qualified teachers for our students to provide the best services and education of the Quran. We pay them heavy salaries for this purpose and we get their salaries from the students that they teach online. In this free Quran learning program, we will pay the salaries to the teachers on our own without taking a single penny from you.

Who can apply for online Quran classes?

For special cases that are very poor, we provide them free of cost Quran classes. Our highly-qualified teachers are teaching those students freely. It is necessary to meet the standards that we have set for getting this facility of free learning. The only condition that we have set for availing this chance is that you don’t have enough money. You can obtain this chance if you are unemployed and you want to give the education of the Quran to your kids but their father is not alive. If you are unemployed and you want this opportunity for the entire family then this program is not for you. You can get the concession if you have many kids who want to learn Quran online.

What are our conditions for applying for the free learning of the Quran program?

  • If you are facing the financial issues or you are unemployed or you have no one to support you financially then you are eligible for this program. You can avail all of our online Quran courses for free for the complete duration. We will provide you free learning of the Quran In Sha Allah.
  • To avail the free Quran program you must have to join the classes regularly because we will pay for classes to the teacher that you will choose online.
  • My Quran tutor will pay your fee from our donation and you must be eligible and fulfill the standards that we have set for this program.
  • We set the monthly Quota for free Quran learning program and if there will be seats available in our free classes then we will schedule your free classes online. You can apply for our free program and we will inform you about your selection if the seats will be available in the next month.
  • Once you will be selected to learn Quran online and your classes will be scheduled, it is necessary to attend the classes 100%. If you want to take leave due to any reason then you must have to inform us or to your teacher.
  • You can also inform us about your leave in advance so we will be able to reschedule your class. It is necessary to inform because we will not pay the cost to the teacher due to your leave.
  • If you will not inform us about your leave then we have the right to cancel your classes without informing you. We are here to spread Islam online in the Muslims so you can join our free program if you deserve.
  • If you know someone who is very deserving of this chance then it is our request to inform them about this. Poor and needy people can apply for this program otherwise you can pay according to your resources if you want.

These are the courses that you will learn in a free Quran learning program.

  1. Learn Quran with Tajweed

This course is for the kids and adults who are going to learn Quran online for the very first time. You will get to learn the Quran in the right Arabic accent.

  1. Quran memorization

This course is for those who are willing to become Hafiz of the Quran and they can memorize the Quran with the help of our hafizul Quran teachers.

  1. Islamic education

This course is for those who want to get the education of Islam such as the history of Islam, the life of Prophets, Duas, prayers, and many other things are included.

  1. Advanced Tajweed course

You can learn the Quran with advanced Tajweed and you will get the materials from our scholars for learning about the rules of Tajweed.

  1. Learn the Quran with translation

You can avail this course for free if you want to learn the meaning of the Quranic verses. Our well-educated teachers will tell you the meaning of each word and will explain to you the Tafseer as well.

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