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Learn the Quran with translation

   The holy Quran was revealed on our Prophet (PBUH) and it was in the Arabic language. It was very difficult for our Prophet (PBUH) to understand this language because he was unaware of how to read and write. This is also difficult for the Muslims of the current era to understand and speak Arabic fluently. It is necessary to understand the meanings of the Quran and its verses for their application in life. It is necessary to know about the meanings of the Quran because it is the duty of the Muslims. Until we will learn the meanings, we will not be able to understand what Allah wants to tell us. We have designed the course of the Quran with Urdu translation or in any language that you understand.

Translation of Quran

   We will help you to learn Quran online with Tarjuma and Tafseer. A single mistake in understanding and reading the Quran can change the entire meaning of the verses of the Quran. In our course, you will learn the Arabic words and their reading with meanings. Our well-educated tutors will read Arabic and then will give you information about the meanings of those specific words. They will explain to you the verses of the Quran and until you will understand them, they will not move further. We also provide the context behind the verses for your better understanding and at the end of our course, your understanding of the Quran will be much better than the starting.

Our translation of Quran course is designed to help you to understand the verses of the Quran in a better way. You can easily take our 3-days free trial course for your comfort.

Translation of Quran online