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Learn The Quran With Translation

The Quran was brought upon our Holy Prophet (PBUH), who was born in an Arab household, and had a strong grip on the language because he was brought up in a place where the language was taught very thoroughly. However, the Prophet and others were still not able to properly interpret and understand the meanings of the verses of the Quran, as even the most qualified poets and linguists of that time said that the language of the Quran is of the highest level. While it is difficult for the Muslims of the current era to understand and speak Arabic fluently, it is all the more important to understand the meaning of the Quran and how can these teachings be applied in life. As Muslims, it is our duty to understand the meanings of whatever is written in the Quran. This is why we have designed this course of the Quran with Urdu, English translation along with other languages so that you’re able to understand.

Translation of Quran

Furthermore, our teachers will greatly assist you in learning Quran online with tarjuma and Tafseer, which is the translation and the explanation of the verses along with their context. Most of the verses apparently show one meaning, but when they are put in the context and circumstances the verse was introduced, it makes a completely different meaning. This contextual meaning and explanation of the Quranic verses are covered in Tafseer courses. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers will read Arabic and then explain to you all the information that is gleaned from the verses and words. The tutors will help you understand each verse of the Quran, and they will make sure you understand everything before they move on.

Our translation of Quran course is designed to help you to understand the verses of the Quran in a better way. You can easily take our 3-days free trial course for your comfort.

Translation of Quran online