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Learn Noorani Qaida (Quran foundation) with basic Tajweed

   We first start from basic Noorani Qaida (Quran Foundation) and Tajweed because Qaida is the basic book which is important to learn. Both adults and kids read the Qaida for understanding and reading the Quran effortlessly and for learning correct pronunciation. The people who have never read the Quran ever in their life, it is necessary for them to learn Qaida. Without Qaida, it is not possible to learn Quran online. We go from lesson to lesson and our teachers take the students on the top level of reading. It is easy to learn basic Tajweed at home online without going anywhere. We provide lessons according to the efficiency of the students. We provide guaranteed results according to the capacity of the students.

Learn Qaida with tajweed

  First we make sure that the kids and adults are attending the regular classes with discipline and after 3 to 4 months, our students become able to recite the Quran. They learn to recite the Quran in the right and correct Arabic accent which is necessary to read the Quran. This course is very cherished in which you can learn to make correct sounds in Tajweed. Our teachers can help you in doing practices of making sounds. They will move to the next lesson only when you will be able to recite the last lesson correctly. The tutor will help you with revising the lesson so you won’t forget what you have learned. With this course, you can build a strong foundation for reading and learning the Quran. You can take our course according to your desired time and days.

We have the experience to teach you and your kids’ lessons in the correct Arabic accent. We take our students at the advanced level of Quran reading by him/her. Get register for course.

Learn Qaida online