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Learning Noorani Qaida with Basic Tajweed

In order to learn Quran in the right manner, especially if you want to learn how to recite it properly, it is crucial to start from the basic “Noorani Qaida”, which is the Quran foundation. Along with the Qaida, the tajweed, or dialect of the Arabic language is also very important to learn. Just like you would learn the right pronunciation while learning any other language, it is even more important with Arabic. The Arabic language is one of the richest and difficult languages in the world. Each word in this language can lead to a completely different meaning if pronounced subtly wrong. This is why everyone, including kids or adults, should read the Qaida to better understand and read the Quran effortlessly and to ensure that what they are reciting is making the right meanings.

For those who have had no interaction with Quran or the Arabic language ever in their life, it is highly necessary for them to first learn the alphabets of the language and their correct pronunciation. The learning of these alphabets is called the Qaida. It must be noted that without learning Qaida, it is not possible to learn Quran regardless of the fact that you’re getting taught by a teacher physically, or online. At My Quran Tutor, we ensure convenient learning of the Arabic language by going from lesson to lesson, making sure that our students get a firm grip on one lesson at a time before we proceed to another, and then our teachers take students on the top level of reading, where they become extremely fluent.

Learn Qaida with tajweed

A lot of people are often afraid of starting their tajweed courses because of the misconceptions prevalent regarding tajweed. You don’t need to worry about that as we have made it very easy to learn basic tajweed at home online without going anywhere before you proceed to the advanced level. The lessons provided are in accordance with the efficiency and learning speed of the students.

When you enroll with us, we will first ensure that you are attending the regular classes punctually, and with discipline, regardless of your age. If you keep the momentum going for 3-4 months, without taking any breaks in between, we guarantee that you will be able to recite Quran fluently. All our students are able to learn and recite the Quran in the correct manner using the right Arabic accent that is an obligation when you recite the Quran. The Noorani Qaida with basic tajweed course we offer is complete and it guarantees that you will be able to pronounce correctly as our teachers will guide you on how to practice the different sounds and dialects. They will only move on to the next stage after taking several tests to be sure that you have properly mastered the initial stages. Moreover, the tutor assigned to you will also assist you in revising the lesson learned in previous classes because that is very important while learning any language, especially Arabic, which can be very complicated. Get enrolled in this course and build a strong foundation for reading and learning the Quran. The best part is, that you have the option to take the course according to the day and time that suits you best.

We have the experience to teach you and your kids’ lessons in the correct Arabic accent. We take our students at the advanced level of Quran reading by him/her. Get register for course.

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