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Learn Islamic Education Course Online

   Acquiring the knowledge of Islam is necessary for us as Muslims and it is our main duty to learn about Islam. The Muslims who live in western countries must learn about Islam because they live in a totally different culture that has nothing to do with the teachings of Islam and the Quran. The worldly education is being given to our kids today but we are not focusing on Islamic education. Islam is our uniqueness that makes us stand differently in the other religions of the world. Everyone should learn about Islam because it is necessary for our well-being. We offer the Islamic education course to our students in which kids, men, women, and new Muslims are included. 

Islamic Education Course

We help them in learning and understanding the basic beliefs of Islam. All of our students can learn different topics during the course in which the history of Islam, the historical lives of our Prophets, Fiqah, learn about the oneness of Allah, Duas, performing the prayers in the right way, Hadith, and about the Imams of Islam. In our course, you will get the Islamic education and our tutors will provide you information on the values and faiths of Islam. This course can educate you about true Islam and you will get the education that you have never got in your life. Our parents do not give us the Islamic knowledge but they concentrate only on worldly education.

Are formal Islamic institutions providing Islamic knowledge to the Muslims?

Formal Islamic institutions are not providing the right knowledge to the Muslims. That is why we understand how much necessary it is to seek and provide the right information about Islam. My Quran tutor is the best option for you to seek Islamic education and to learn Quran online. Our well-educated tutors are the scholars, Hafizul Quran, and have deep knowledge of Islam and the Quran. We are able to make you learn about the True spirit of Islam. Our teachings can make you able to lead your life according to the teachings of Islam. It is easiest to practice Islam by sitting at your home and get the formal education of Islam. Religion is an important part of our life and there is no age limit for obtaining Islamic education. The best time to seek this knowledge is in childhood but you can obtain this education at any age.

If you are a new Muslim or you want to gain the right knowledge of the teachings of the Quran, our course is specially designed for you that you can join easily.

Learn Islamic Study online