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Learn Daily supplications online

We offer Daily Supplications Course because One of the most important elements of being a Muslim makes dua and supplicates in front of Allah. Other than making dua on Eid, for fasting, and on other Islamic occasions, it is necessary to connect with Allah by making dua on a daily basis. We as Muslims should always seek the mercy of Allah and it is possible with dua. In Islam, there is great stress on Muslims to make dua and learn the right way for it. There are many duas that we must read for seeking the mercy of Allah and for protecting ourselves for the Devil.

The ordinary tasks must be started with prayer and without Dua, we cannot say that we have a firm belief in Allah. In the Quran, Allah says to the Muslims to pray in front of him and he shall pour his blessings on us. That’s why You can join this course today to learn Daily Supplications.

Daily supplications

At any time of happiness or sadness, you should turn back to Allah by making the prayer. Duas make us feel that Allah is with us and we can talk to him at any time we want. In our daily supplications course, we teach our students the duas of daily routine.

Muslims have no idea they there is a specific dua for each task. You can get to know about it by taking our course. You will get to learn in our course different duas in which duas for Ramadan, dua to make and break the fast, dua of istikhara, dua of awakening and sleeping, dua for going on a journey, dua for coming back home and entering it, dua for forgiveness, dua to go into the toilet and leaving it, dua for the new Muslims, dua to enter the mosque, dua for eating the food and drinking the milk. There are many other Duas are included in our course that you can learn by taking our course.

The Quran has stressed much on the importance of dua, you can take our course to learn all the duas that are used in our daily routine by clicking on the button below.

Learn Daily supplications online