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Making Tajweed Learning Easy and Simple

One can not understand the Holy Quran without learning tajweed first. It is a necessity if you want to read the Holy Book with an accurate accent. In the general sense, tajweed is a collection of rules that refer to reading the Quran with a proper accent. My Quran Tutor has a team of expert tajweed teachers. By opting for our Advance Tajweed course, you can learn how to pronounce each and every word and verse in the Quran. Along with that, your tutor will also provide you with a deeper insight into the Arabic dialect.

Advance tajweed

The strategies that the teachers at My Quran Tutor use will make you habitual of keeping in mind every single rule of Tajweed when you read the Quran. As a result, it will improve your recitation.  Most of our customers find it very easy to read the Holy Book right after the first few classes. However, with practice, you can start understanding and reading the Quran from the first advanced tajweed class. The expertise of all the teachers at My Quran Tutor is commendable. By opting for our services, you will learn all the rules of Tajweed, ranging from Ghunna, Waqaf, Ikhfa, and Makhrij.

At My Quran Tutor, Muslims from all around the world can get quality Islamic education. Our teachers will teach you all the important duas that are necessary for a practising Muslim in everyday life. For your convenience, you can take the free trial for 3-days.

If you are interested to learn the Quran with advanced Tajweed, our special course is for you. You can register for our course by clicking on the button below.

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