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Best Age For Kids For Learning Quran Online

learning quran online

Quran, the holy book for all the Muslims, is what guides one to the right path and helps them differentiate good and bad. Every Muslim must read, learn, and understand the Quran to follow all the instructions that it holds. The best time for learning the Quran is early when growing up so that one can adapt to it as they grow. But most people find it hard to decide when it is the right time for their children to start learning Quran online. Here’s a guide.

#1 When Should A Child Start learning Quran?

As most Islamic scholars suggest, one should start reading the Quran to their child from the day of their birth, until they can understand words and complete sentences and have the sense to make out words that can help them learn. This will help the child develop a sense of familiarity and love towards the Quran as they would have been listening to it for a long time. This way, the child will also think that reading the Quran is a normal, daily life act that they must also perform on their own.

As the child grows up and learns to speak and then read, which is typically around the age of 3-5 years, start including the Quran more and more in their daily life activities. Start with baby steps and help them read the Quran first. Once they know how to read it, help them understand the meaning of the words and then the sentences so they can finally apply the teachings of the Holy Book, in their daily lives.

#2 How to Start Learning Quran?

Many ways can help your child start learning and understanding the Quran with ease and comfort. Start by helping them memorize and learn the Arabic alphabets that will further help them form words and sentences. You can set a specific time for them to sit down to have a mini learning session with an adult that can teach them the basics with attention and love. Keep feeding them the fact that the Quran must be read casually just like others so that it won’t seem like a burden to them. You can also surprise them with different appreciation gifts as they reach different milestones in learning the Quran. This will encourage them to learn more and look forward to it, as a child, which will later build up into a habit to look forward to reading the Quran even without a reward.

Other than that, you can also hire professional Quran teachers that can help the children learn Quran with precision and in the right way. Learning Quran online by professionals can also be one of the easiest ways to help your child learn the Quran.

Learning the Quran is one of the most basic responsibilities of a Muslim, which can help them strengthen their faith and belief in God. No time is too late to start learning so just start now and get to know the right path that the Quran describes.

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