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4 Ways to Incorporate Quran’s Teachings in Kids

No matter how progressive this world gets,  a true Muslim will hold onto the teachings of the Holy Quran close to his/their heart and keep on learning from the Holy speech of the Almighty God. The Holy book of Quran was revealed on the most loved Prophet Muhammad SAW so he could help his ummah achieve enlightenment and the true knowledge that is not only beneficial for this world, but also for the inevitable afterlife.

Kids initially are oblivious to the teachings of the Holy Quran, so the responsibility of enlisting the importance of the Holy book in the kids solely lies on the parents. Following are some ways parents can easily teach the blessings of the Quran to their kids:


There is no doubt in saying that children are the true images of their parents. Little kids tend to mimic their parents’ habits and try to be just like them. If you make a habit of reciting the Quran at least twice a day, your child is more likely to get influenced by this positive habit of yours due to their curiosity and will definitely try to adopt it himself/herself. Therefore, he/she will be reciting the Quran with you in no time.


This way is the simplest way one can make their kids interested in the sayings of the Holy Quran. Constant engagement and variety in the way you talk about the Holy Quran matters the most if you want the child to be more inclined towards learning the Holy book naturally. Make him/her sit with you when you’re reciting the Quran and ask him to repeat an ayah with tajweed. Implementing this activity in the routine will ultimately help your child have a better understanding of why the teachings of the Quran are so important for us.


In order for your kids to learn the Quran the proper way with the right tajweed, regularity in reciting the Holy book is a must. Consistent recitation of the Quran not only helps the kids to have an improved tajweed but also aids them in understanding the words of the Holy Quran better.


Technology has found its way to penetrate in every walk of our lives in the present-day world. Now, many Muslim parents are inclined towards online Quran classes for their kids. The kids of this generation already have a knack for gadgets, hence, it will be exciting and interesting for them to learn the teachings of the Quran through some fun and effective Quran teaching apps or an online Quran teacher.


Apart from engaging and intuitive Quran teaching apps, many parents can make their kids learn Quran with the help of websites that are focused on helping children learn the basics of Islam through interesting and creative Quran lessons. Learning the Quran through websites is a win-win situation altogether.

The Holy book of Quran is a major asset to the Muslims of all eras as it’s the book that was revealed for all and every generation that has come and will come until the day of Qayamah. Hence, it is imperious to make efforts to learn and understand the sayings of this Holy book for kids as well as adults.

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